No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

It’s, well, yeah…

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 11, 2007

Ginormous… one of my personal favorite words for explaining the bigness of something… has been added to the dictionary.

Linky-link to story

Along with a bunch of other, far more boring ones.

Still… ginormous is now an “officially official word” rather than just some cromulent old word that has stuck around through common parlance.


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  1. Al said,

    What about “exhaustipated”?

    Means so tired you can’t give a sh8t.

  2. Biff Spiffy said,


    I love the exhaustipated. I’ll be using THAT one.

    My 2nd time ever here and I’m a-learning all kinds of things.

    I rather like celery, but I’ll leave it outside if it bothers you that much.

  3. Tracy Lynn said,

    Dude. Why do they have to allow all these new, crappy words when we can’t get the unwashed masses to use the vast and splendid variety of old ones? Huh?


  4. Dani said,

    Ginormous is one of the best words ever. It’s not just enormous, or gigantic, but GINORMOUS.

  5. Joe said,

    i have to eat celery when i’m exhuastipated.

    I like the word ginormous, but it is one of those ‘stupid’ words.

    I tell you what though – I would change my stance on it if Bush used it in one of this speeches. “And I tell you terrorists, I will drop a ginormous bomb on you!” Then I would say, “welcome, Ginormous, to the our vernacular.”

  6. Amy said,

    exhaustipated? GREAT word!! The thing that bothered me most about ‘ginormous’ being added (I use it all the time) was that my local DJ announced it with a short ‘i’ sound. I pronounce it with a long ‘i’ sound, ‘gInormous’. I just wanted to crawl through my radio and smack her. But I was too exhaustipated.

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