No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Hey! I’m Walkin’ He-ah

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 22, 2007

As far as I can remember (and we did do quite a bit of “oh – let’s go down there”-ing), this is where we walked on Saturday.

It was sunny, dry, 78, and gorgeous!

All told, I think we walked somewhere between 9 – 11 miles. Again, not sure because of all the twisty-ing.

We started walking around 9am. We got back to the hotel finally around 6 pm.

Best way to see the city!

And… since I have been recounting everything else we ate… this night we had pizza at Famous Original Ray’s Pizza. And I stopped off at the bakery around the corner of the hotel for an apple tart. Yum!


4 Responses to 'Hey! I’m Walkin’ He-ah'

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  1. Al said,

    I don’t mind a long hike in the country, but 10 miles on the pavement would about kill my feet.

  2. Tracy Kaply said,

    I suddenly feel a little ashamed of my pride in walking a mile.

  3. Cravey said,

    dude, that’s a whole lot of walkin’.

    I’d say you shoulda had TWO apple tarts.

    I covet your tarts.

    (why does that sound dirty?)

  4. the only daughter said,

    My son spoke of similar walking tours on his trek to the city.

    With pizza and tarts in the mix, who could resist?

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