No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

By the way…

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 5, 2007

With the New York Trip and all, I forgot to blog this, but it finally came in the mail… Proof!

Need to get a frame.

So nice to be done after all that work.


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  1. A said,

    Congrats! It’s always nice to have the proof.

  2. Al said,

    Congratulations. Will you still speak to us?

  3. wordnerd said,

    AWESOME! And they spelled your name correctly and everything!!!


  4. rennratt said,



  5. the only daughter said,


    Cheers!! x 3

  6. tiff said,


    now, what’s next?

  7. Biff Spiffy said,

    No sheep! Way to go, that’s not nothin right there.

    You can start charging big money for your words now. Er, just not here. K?

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