No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Thursday Thirteen

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 29, 2007

1. I am 33 years old and have never had the chicken pox. I am sure this is going to catch up to me one day.

2. I plan to never, ever, ever visit any country run by zealots. I have very little sympathy for people who go to countries run by zealots and then act all shocked when they end up getting their limbs cut off for offending the locals.

3. I have to go to King of Prussia, PA on Monday and Tuesday for some training. Monday was going to be a vacation day. Oh well… someone in the department REALLY NEEDS to learn this program.

4. I am not passionate. You know… Sunsets? Yeah, they are fine. I do not get all worked up over them. Same with sunrises (although I don’t see a lot of them), cute bunnies, babies, etc. I do not get deleriously happy about much of anything. Neither do I experience crushing lows of sadness. If you ask me how I am, the answer will be “fine” if things are good and “ok” if things are not good. That’s about the extent of my mood swings. Well, unless it involves cheesecake.

5. I am making scarfs for a couple-few people for Christmas. I am crocheting them. I think they are turning out nice. But you never know with home-made stuff like this. That’s OK. It’s the thought and all that, right?

6. I have an outline for my Wordsmith’s story for November, but darned if I can make myself sit down and write the thing.

7. Happily, I did not gain any weight despite my enormous turkey intake over Thanksgiving. The SB and I did hours of extra-curricular hiking and walking over the weekend, so it all worked out. Hopefully I can keep this up. But I WILL be having a cheese steak while in Philly, so we’ll see.

8. Sheesh, who’s idea was this whole “thirteen” thing? You know what also is alliterative with “Thursday”? Three… yeah, how about the “Thursday Three”?

9. I like the word alliterative. Also, Onomatopoeia.

10. Crap. I have just gotten on a 2 hour conference call and realized my water bottle is empty. Maybe we’ll get a break in here somewhere.

11. What the heck am I going to get my mother-in-law for Christmas?

12. Our new neighbors turned out to be Perfectly Normal People (as they appeared to be). Not crack-heads at all. This is nice as I can now stop looking for new houses.

13. I am off work tomorrow. I plan to sleep.


14 Responses to 'Thursday Thirteen'

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  1. ~**Dawn**~ said,

    I stopped doing Thursday Thirteen for the very reason you listed in number eight. =P

  2. Rebecca said,

    I wish the extent of my mood swings were “fine” and “ok”

  3. Ron said,

    I hope you have a “Fine” day.

  4. rennratt said,


    No mood swings, EVER?

    I’m willing to share mine, if you’re bored.

  5. the only daughter said,

    I don’t (usually) teeter too far on the mood meter either. I have become somewhat more emotional in my 40s…which takes some getting used to.

    Cheers x 3 for Cheesecake! yay.

  6. Al said,

    “I yam what I yam and that’s all what I am”


  7. Tracy Kaply said,

    i can highly recommend Stonewall Kitchen for #11. I got stuff for the two most difficult people in my gift giving- the Grandmas.

  8. said,

    You don’t get delirious over cute widdle BUNNIES??????????

  9. utenzi said,

    I like Onomatopoeia too.

  10. Blonde Goddess said,

    I have so many mood swings I take a Dramamine every morning with my vitamins.

    I LOVE to make things for people. In fact even baking bread or baking cookies makes me happy. I think the thought that someone took time to make you something is the best present ever.
    Time is so precious that it’s the most valuable gift we can give.

    Number twelve caught my eye.
    I am someone’s neighbor.
    It makes me wonder what they think about that….

  11. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    Hope you’re enjoying your day off!

  12. Her Roo-ness said,

    i got the pox at 21. it sucked ass. i spent a week stoned on benadryll and itchy.

    i am likely passionate enough for the both of us. but its all focused in a sort of pissed off direction.

    when you go to king of prussia…totally call someone from a hotel phone. their caller i.d. will say, ‘king of prussia’ and you can’t have much more fun than that.

  13. Amy said,

    KOP, PA is a cool place to shop, although it’s a dreadful time of year for it!! Biggest mall in the country and with the best shops, too!! Oh, and a Crate and Barrel nearby and ohhhh, I miss it already. I’m usually there for my semi-annual shopping, although all my Christmas shopping would already be done. It’s just fun to people watch there.

  14. Rhea said,

    Get your mother-in-law a case of chicken pox for Christmas. (It’s cheaper when you get it by the case.)

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