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Latest Obsession

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on December 19, 2007
I blame the SB for this totally.

It was his idea that we go to Tony’s pizza. This is a place that I will usually not suggest because they have THE BEST CALZONES on the planet.

What? Yes – you read right. I try not to go there because the sausage calzone is so good that I go and I get one and then I eat the whole thing.

Somewhere along the line, I learned that it is a bad idea to eat something that is larger and heavier than your own head.

I do it anyway. They are that good.

I have finally mustered the willpower lately to go there and get a salad and a slice of cheese (the pizza’s really good too), but it makes me just a little bit sad to not be eating the yummy calzone. Still, eating until I want to puke is bad for me, I know.

So – none of that has anything to do with my latest obsession, but I just want to be clear that it is totally the SB’s fault that I was at the Tony’s Pizza in the first place.

As you may know, I drive a new MINI. Some of you may have seen one of these and thought it was a cute small car.

But let me tell you… my car is actually a BEHEMOTH compared to a “real” mini.

And that’s what was in the Tony’s parking lot.

A real Leyland Mini.

We parked next to it.

It was, seriously, about half the size of my MINI.

Oh how I want one. Sooooooooo bad.

Um, no, I don’t know how to drive a stick.

Um, no, I don’t know enough about car maintenance and repair to keep a car in working order that actually needs stuff like oil and whatnot added to it.

Um, no, I have not been inside a classic Mini since I was about 5 years old… it seemed perfectly roomy at the time.

Um, no, I don’t have $7000 just sitting around that I could blow on a car that might not even be reliable transportation.

Um, no…. I don’t care.

I want one.


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  1. Evil Twin's Wife said,

    I wouldn’t want to be in a wreck in one of those! That’s why I drive my land yacht – the MINI Van. LOL.

  2. rennratt said,

    I’m with the ETW.

    The MINI-Mini is really cute, but it would be tinfoil in a wreck.

    Still cute to look at, though.

  3. Warped Mind of Ron said,

    The good news is if you drove it somewhere and there was no place to park you could just pick it up and put it in your purse 🙂

  4. Scott said,

    You made my mouth water thinking about the Tony’s Pizza I used to go to, they also make awesome calzones. But mine is in Massachusetts, probably not the same place. Damn, now I’m hungry and there is still an hour to go until lunch.

  5. Al said,

    I have had a couple, and they are zippy fun LITTLE cars. And they get about 45 miles to the gallon. And they are surprisingly sturdy. After all they made cars out of METAL not recycled tin cans and garbage sacks.

    The bad part is maintenance. I swear the first underlying principle of English Engineering is; “Why use one part, whien five will do the same job?”

    My Mini had a bumper sticker on it that said “Parts falling off of this car are of the finest English craftsmanship.”

  6. Rebecca said,

    I like the mini’s but would be scared to drive in one

  7. Blonde Goddess said,

    Hey! It’s a Mini-Mini…

    I think I’d like one of those. It would abruptly end my career as a car pool whore and I would be allowed to listen to the radio station of MY CHOICE!

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