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So This is WordPress

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 7, 2008

I believe we are going to give WordPress a shot.  I am just, well, tired of having to deal with Blogger giving me crap.

 Switching was so easy, and I got to import all my posts, so it’s not like I am starting again on yet another startover blog.

So far I like the interface better.  But we shall see – who knows – WordPress probably has its issues too!

It has stats, too, which I think is cool.


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  1. ron said,

    Change in 2008 is already happening!! Woo Hoo

  2. Tammie said,

    I changed my link so I can still keep up with all your wheelins and dealins!

    So far I haven’t had any issues with Blogspot but I’m hearing a lot of people complaining…

  3. wordnerd said,

    Best move I ever made! I think you’ll like it here. Welcome! (Looks great, by the way!!!)

  4. Amy said,

    So many people seem to be moving to WordPress…I’m starting to wonder if I should be checking it out, too. Let me know what you think!

  5. Dawn said,

    I have shopped some other blog sites, but I can’t figure out how to make my blog look like I want it to anywhere but in Blogger. I’ve not had any real trouble outside of it refusing to remember me, so I will stick with it. Love your colors over here!

  6. Al said,

    I followed you to your new home. You forgot and left the address. Can’t get rid of me THAT easy.

    Hope you like WordPress. I haven’t had any problems with Blogger.

  7. Like I said, I’m thinking of switching over too.

  8. tiff said,

    Found you, and changed your link on my site so other people can too. Good luck with the WordPress. I’m a big scardey-cat and won’t move.


  9. renn said,

    You’re updated, and I may not be far behind you!

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