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I Can’t Lose!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 12, 2008

So neither of my teams is in contention for the Super Bowl…  The Panthers having sucked their way through a season full of third string quarterbacks (actually, it was a miracle they won as many as they did) and the Steelers having been unceremoniously taken out of the running by Jacksonville last weekend.

 So I really have no real feelings about who wins the Super Bowl this year.  I guess if I had to root for someone, it would be the Colts.  I think Manning is an excellent player.  Watching him QB is kind of like watching art (you know, violent, bone-crunching art).

Right now I am watching Green Bay and Seattle slide around in a crazy snow storm.  Green Bay is in the lead and I believe they are going to stay there.  The game is fun to watch, though, just because of all that snow.

 But at 8…  New England is playing Jacksonville.

This is going to be a great game for me.  I am not happy with Jacksonville.  They manhandled my teams pretty badly this year.  I would enjoy seeing them lose. and New England is undefeated.  Not only do I have a big streak of Schadenfreude in me that would LOVE to see the undefeated team get taken down, but if NEW ENGLAND gets beaten by Jacksonville, well, then the Steelers really had no chance against them anyway, right?

So I am looking forward to this game tonight.  I will cheer every time anyone does anything because, hey! I want them both to lose!


Update.  So the Patriots won, which is fine.  also.  the Colts Lost!   I can’t believe the Chargers beat the Colts!  ah well.. the Patriots will take care of them.


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  1. Amy said,

    Our cheering is cancelling each other out, I think! I was cheering FOR the Pats, FOR Green Bay and against the Colts. (And once Peyton lost, I had to cheer for his little brother to win!)

    I’m sorry for you, but I’m excited for me!

  2. Dawn said,

    I think I just had the perfect football weekend. Operation Perfect Super Bowl is one step closer! Go New England! Go Green Bay!

  3. Deborah said,

    I suppose given the season they’ve had it would be a major disappointment to many if New England doesn’t go all the way. I certainly think they’ll be in contention against the [[drumroll please]] GB Packers and 38 year-old Brett Favre.

  4. wordnerd said,

    I’m a Pats fan because their roster contains a significant number of ex-LSU Tigers. And, ahem, I’m a bit of a fan. (Not that I’ve ever made that apparent…)

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