No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 19, 2008


Oh My God.

Brilliant!  Genius!  Fabulous!  Sooooooooo Good!

I Loved It!

Also, I was practically green with nausea by the end.  Totally worth it!

This movie was soo0 much better than I expected it to be, and here’s why…  It was like I was ACTUALLY EXPERIENCING the events.  With the home-movie quality of it… and the other characters talking to the guy holding the camera, it was a totally immersive story.

And the way they did it was great.  It’s so much like it would be if this happened in real life.  No one would know what the hell was going on.  Things would be exploding, people would be screaming, trying to get out of the city, or find their loved ones, or whatever.

Soldiers and cops and civilians all around. 

I LOVED that we only saw what was happening through the eyes of the characters we were with… no overviews… no seeing what the generals or president was doing.. just people on their own trying to survive what I thought was one of the best lines in the whole film “a terrible thing” (you have to get it in context).

I LOVED that we never really found out the what or why or how, there were no scientific explanations… just these people going through this stuff… It is exactly how I would imagine it would be if a giant monster actually attacked Manhattan.

I don’t want to give away the end, but I loved that too.

The critics were criticizing the fact that there’s no big explanation, but I think that the not ever really knowing is what made it so realistic… in the event of a real attack, would I have any idea what was going on?  No.  Would I have the advantage of scientists explaining to me what the monster was or where it came from?  No.  I would just be running my ass as quickly out of the city as I could, by golly.

Besides, the very beginning of the film (and this is not giving anything away) shows us that the humans won in the end and were able to get back in the city, because the very first frame shows that the video was “found” by the government – so obviously the monster was eventually defeated… is there anything else we need to know?  No – I think it’s just enough.

 Now – the big caveat… The hand-held-ness totally made me nauseous.  The SB got through the movie just fine, but I am more sensitive to these things (I CANNOT watch an IMAX, for example, they always make me sick).  The shaking and the constant refocusing took their toll after a while.  I made it through about 45 minutes.  Then, I had to cover my eyes.  For about the next twenty minutes, I only looked at the screen when it sounded like something really good was going on.  After about 20 minutes of not looking, I was able to watch the last ten minutes or so without too much trouble… but it was at least 20 minutes after we left the theater before I felt back to normal.  SO.. if you are sensitive to camera work like that, prepare for some punishment in this case.  But I would still recommend going, because…  as I said.. GENIUS!


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  1. Ron said,

    Well now I’m going to have to go see it, I was on the fence about it before. Not a fan of shaky camera’s, tut it doesnt make me sick. thanks for the review.

  2. kapgar said,

    Okay, I’ll see this. By myself, I’m sure, but I’ll see it.

  3. Al said,

    I’ll wait to see it until it comes out in video so I can throw up in the privacy of my own home. Thet whole Camera-spinning-around makes me motion sick.

  4. renn said,

    I love the idea/storyline, but would not make it through the shaky camera thing.

    I’m glad that the movie itself held up.

  5. tiff said,

    oh my. I’m conflicted. Would love the story, but the shaky camera work would have me tummy-troubled.

  6. renn said,

    Did you stay for the ending?

    Apparently the ‘tone’ at the end was a voice, and they played it backwards to sound like static.

    Do you know what it said?

    I screamed and almost went off the road when they played it on the radio tonight.

  7. ifswallowed said,

    I am a big chicken when it comes to scary movies. I am curious now, though. I will have to wait for video for shaky-camera breaks methinks.

  8. brenda said,

    I’ve heard a lot of people say good things about this movie, but to take a Dramamine beforehand.

    Of course, I thought “He is Legend” was good and nobody else seems to have thought that.

  9. seanin60secs said,

    Sit as far back as possible and the motion sickness won’t take thee. Well, unlless you have a UBER-sensitive tummy.

    People seem to love or HATE this movie. It all seems to be because you don’t get answers. I’ve let people know that they shouldn’t go into it as if it were a movie. It’s not a “movie” per se. It’s as if you found a tape or dvd of an actual event watched it. The ending is what seems to be where people decide that it sucks. To bitch about the ending would be the same as watching someones wedding video and bitching about how it ends with the limo driving off. “Did they live happily ever after?” “Did that guy Stewart make it home ok after drinking all that wine?”, “This movie sucks! That priest was a horrible actor!” This is a personal record of events as they happen. You wouldn’t know what was going on. You wouldn’t get all the answers.

    I’m ramblin’. I liked it lots. Going to see it again even.

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