No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Aaaaaaaaaand I’m Back

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 25, 2008

Phew.  that was quite the trip.

I don’t sleep too well in hotels.  Add to that… I had a sore throat all week (conveniently only at night, while I was trying to sleep).  Also, it was Coooold.

 So, I was exhausted, but it was still cool to be in NYC.

My boss told me to come up for three days, so I was supposed to be home tonight at 10.

Then, all the meetings and stuff ended up being yesterday and I had NO REASON to still be in New York.  He told me to “enjoy the city”.

 I know he was trying to do a very nice thing with that, and I appreciate it, because my boss is a sweetie, but I sure would have rather gone home Thursday night had I but known.

So this morning, I did get out and walk around Midtown, which is always fun.  But it was 20* outside, and I just couldn’t take it.  So after two hours, I decided to just say to hell with it, head to the airport and hope I could catch an eariler flight and not just get stuck at the airport for 7 hours.

Turns out, there was a flight that was boarding just as I got through security.  So, bing bang boom, I was on my way home and got home at 2 instead of 10.  Woo Hoo!

One thing I DID do this morning was stop at the Stage Deli and get me and the SB each a Knish (no bacon, tho, Tiff).  I packed them (with some worry – I was afraid the TSA might consider mashed potatoes liquid – but it went through security fine) and the SB and I had New York Knish for lunch here in Charlotte – love it!

So – no monsters attacked while I was in the city.  So it was a good trip, and good meetings.  But goodness, I am always sooooooo glad to be home.


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  1. Roo said,

    i was worried godzilla got you. glad he didn’t.

  2. Ron said,

    What? No knish for me? Welcome home.

  3. brenda said,

    I don’t know what a knish is. But if you went out of your way to get one this morning, it must be killer.

  4. Tracy Lynn said,

    I am really glad you made it home. I, too, was seriously worried about the prospect of monsters, but if I had remembered the Power Of The Knish, I probably wouldn’t have been.

  5. Rebecca said,

    im jealous that you got to go to NY. glad you had a good and safe trip though

  6. kenju said,

    I am surprised you got the knish through security!

  7. I love visitiing the city – briefly… Glad you had a good trip and are safely back home!

  8. Love me some NYC. MUST RETURN SOON!

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