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Open Letter to the People on my Floor

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 8, 2008

Dear All People on the 4th floor.

I have kept this to myself for a while now, but it’s just gotten to be too much and I feel like I need to say something.

So here it is.

Please.  Please, please, please. When you use the restrooms on the 4th floor, please try to act like some sort of a human being, rather than, say, a chimpanzee or orangutan.

I can understand if you are somehow impaired (which you aren’t, because I know all of you), but… if you are somehow impaired and cannot complete one of several simple bathroomal activities without getting evidence of said activity all over the toilet and stall, I can understand that.

But for the love of god… WOULD YOU PLEASE CLEAN IT UP!?

There are some things that people should not have to endure in a professional environment.  Having to try two or three stalls to find one in which there is not, something left behind on the seat or floor is ridiculous.

Let’s not even start on how unfair it is to that poor young lady who has to clean the bathrooms every day.

Men, I have never been in your restroom, so I don’t know if it’s the same, but this is good advice no matter what.


Someone who paid attention when mommy was doing potty training.


10 Responses to 'Open Letter to the People on my Floor'

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  1. Doc Nagel said,

    I’ve never been in your building, but still, trust me on this: the men’s room is worse.

  2. I think women’s bathrooms are just filthy and that’s sad seeing as how it’s “ladies” leaving these little bombs and stink. I used to work at a place where *someone* decided leaving their bloody pad on the top of the trash can was “throwing it away”. No wrap, no nothing, not even an attempt to stuff it further down the can. GAG!!!

  3. Ron said,

    ROFLMAO…. Mens Room is worse no matter where, but I’ve heard this complaint around our office many times and quite loudly too.

  4. Ron said,

    OH and ETW I just have to share. Someone at our work did the pad thing on the top of the can too. However the owner has dogs in the office… ummm… you’ve never seen or heard gagging in an office while trying to chase a dog to get a pad away from them. Oh my good times…

  5. tiff said,

    Never fails to amaze me how the ladies can be so gross. Not even enough common courtesy to FLUSH…my GOd.

  6. Deborah said,

    There are a few more women with access to the bathroom these days. Enough said, except…I feel ya. Ick.

  7. kenju said,

    I run into that sort of thing all too often in stores and office bldgs. It’s like who can leave the biggest mess for the next person. Sometimes I think they must hang out nearby to see what you’ll say or do when you see the mess. Speaking of messes, I think we have a backed-up septic system, and my guest bathroom is awash in the overflow. EW.

  8. Dawn said,

    My friend Chele has blogged recently about someone she works with who doesn’t wash her hands after using the restroom. It’s funny, but I expect this behavior where I work (Redneckville USA) with 95% men, but not from actual professional enviroments. People are so nasty.

  9. renn said,

    Nasty female co-workers abound!

    I have them, too.

  10. db grin said,

    I used to own a cleaning business back in the early 90’s. I can tell you with statistical certainty that, although men usually aren’t so good at aiming, ladies’ rooms are worse. Nasty bad and icky. We had about 25 commercial accounts, from auto dealers to office buildings and factories, plus a dozen residential accounts. My stereotypes of dainty feminine cleanliness were shattered within a month.

    The very worst things I’ve seen were in the wealthiest teenage girl’s rooms. Food (suckers, gum, tacos) and used tampons were left under.the.bed. Ew. Folks with more humble homes would often clean before we got there, which always amused me.

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