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Weekend Round Up

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 11, 2008

Q: How long does it take for the people from the power company to remove the wires from a downed power pole, put up a new pole, and reconnect the wires, thus allowing the beautiful electricity to flow once more to all the neighborhoods along the road?

A: 12 hours.

Stupid wind.

Did you know that it can be too dark and too quiet to sleep?


Went mountain biking on Sunday. Finally came to a conclusion that I have been working on for a very long time.  I no longer like mountain biking.

I used to love it when I first started.  It was fun, and fast, and the uphills were work, but worth the effort.

Then we went to Lake Norman State Park for a ride.  I fell off my bike on a sharp turn.  Nothing more than scrapes and bruises, but I think it made me realize what could happen in a serious fall.  Since then, I just haven’t been able to go down the hills without putting the brakes on.  Draining all the momentum from the downhills makes the uphills much harder.

So… rather than keep feeling guilty that poor Ethel (my mountain bike – yes – I name everything) was languishing in the garage, unridden, I gave the bike to my niece after the ride yesterday.  That way, my sister will still have someone to go riding with, but it won’t have to be me.

Also – the SB will probably also be happy because no mountain biking frees up more time for hiking.


Also from this weekend.  I LOVE mexican food from the Azteca.  But we have GOT to start remembering to not go on Sunday.  The Mariachi band that goes from table to table on Sundays is a perfectly fine mariachi band, if you like that kind of stuff (which I do, for at least 5 or 10 minutes, then I’ve had enough), but they are GOD AWFUL LOUD and it’s almost impossible to have a conversation while they are playing.  Plus, they come to your table and ask you if you want a song, which, given my dislike of fuss, I hate.


Why would people at the mall wait in line at the Starbucks for 45 minutes for some coffee when there’s a Seattle’s Best Coffee upstairs in the Borders that hardly ever has a line and makes better coffee? (they may be owned by Starbucks now, but at least Starbucks knew enough not to change their coffee).


Now it’s Monday.  But hey, next weekend is a three dayer for Presidents day, so, YAY!


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  1. Ron said,

    Hopefully you will still be able to visit Ethel. Seperation anxiety can be a terrible thing for bikes.

  2. tiff said,

    I don’t get the SBux thang either.

    I could have used your bike. Someone stioe mine from my backyard recently, and I miss it already. Damn.

  3. I’m cheap and impatient. If I want coffee, that’s what my coffe pot is for. I’m looking forward to the 3 day weekend too and I don’t even work outside the home!

  4. brenda said,

    I’m glad you weren’t seriously hurt in the fall.

  5. ifswallowed said,

    Being from Seattle I feel that I can confidently tell you that Seattle’s Best is MUCH better than Starbucks. Although they are both owned by the Buck’s, the roasting process has not changed for SB. Thank the Lord, I tell you! And SB puts shavings of white chocolate on top of your “grande ex-hot white choc mocha” and it is the best thing in the entire world. Entire. World.

  6. Deborah said,

    waitng 45 minutes for anybody’s coffee is just weird.

    oh yes…it can indeed be too dark and too quiet to sleep.

  7. Sarah said,

    One of the Greek restaurants John and I love has loud music Fridays and Saturdays, and it’s enjoyable for a bit, until you want to have a conversation. They also have a belly dancer who performs, and accosts people who arrive or try to leave during her performance and makes them dance with her. It’s enough to make us *never* go there on a weekend, no matter how much we want the food. Don’t restaurants ever think of things like that?

    Sorry you gave up your bike, and hope your spill wasn’t too bad!

  8. Utenzi said,

    Damn. No President’s Day for me. I’d not like the fuss of the band either. Hell, I’d run out of the restaurant!

  9. Al said,

    I had a hard time getting my head wrapped around the comcept of an Azteca way over there.

    The Starbucks thing?

    Coffee snobs.

  10. db grin said,

    Let me just say that the best part of waking up has NOTHING to do with Folgers in my cup. Anyway, I have never been a great fan of the sbux, waiting in line, power outages, or wandering dinner bands. Thanks alot, I’ll have nightmares now.

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