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I Need Fewer Holes In My Head

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 20, 2008

Cuppa Too Tree years ago – can’t remember exactly how long – I went to the Claire’s at the mall and requested that they put me a couple of extra holes in my head to augment the ones already there.

My ears were pierced once -in the fifth grade.  I decided I wanted a second set!   Daring, I know.

I was good about the earring thing for a while, but I recently realized that I am tired of them… and the only reason I was wearing earrings was because I felt obligated to keep the second holes open.

So to hell with it.  I’m not wearing them anymore.  The original piercings won’t close – they are pretty much permanent.  But I imagine these second ones will be done-for in a couple of months.

Just thought you should know.


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  1. renn said,

    Back in The Day (15 years? Aaaaahhh!), I had 3 holes in one ear, 2 in the other.

    Somewhere along the way, I stopped wearing earrings altogether. The “originals” remain, though I wear earrings MAYBE once a year.

  2. Ron said,

    I don’t have any earrings at all. How boring of me…

  3. Deborah said,

    The original set (1 each ear) I got when I was 13 (or so). A neighbor used ice cubes, a sewing needle & wine cork. The hole in the left ear is crooked. The earring must enter in a downward position to come out the other side. The entire process too hours.

    The second set (1 again each ear) done in the mall a “Claire’s” like store). A quick shot & in with the stud. Seconds.

    The second set has given me the most trouble over the years. Very few earrings I’ve bought over the ears rest comfortably in those holes for any extended length of time.

    If i remember, I put on earrings. When I do remember to wear them, I always forget to remove them.

  4. Roo said,

    i just took out my belly ring a month ago or so.

  5. tiff said,

    I have 2 in one ear, 1 in the other. I’m asymmetrical! THe second hole in the 2-hole ear is a bother – never did alltheway heal up, and now it’s an effort to put anything in there. Earrings that are find inteh first hole itch like crazy in the second, so I’ve pretty much stopped wearing anything in that spot.

    I now want a nose piercing.

  6. I have 12 piercings — 6 on each side – and if I don’t wear earrings, you can tell. I’ve got a bunch of noticiable holes. That’s cool – I like my earrings, so they stay in.

  7. Al said,

    Left ear, one hole, currently unoccupied.

    I pierced it and put in a Jet stud in memory of 9/11, and said I would wear it until they caught up with whoever was responsible for the attacks.

    Bin Lauden is still Bin Missing, and a couple of months ago I lost the ear ring.

  8. Utenzi said,

    Thank you for sharing. I’m still only sporting the holes I was born with. And I think it’s going to stay that way.

  9. brenda said,

    I kept having allergic reactions to earrings, even gold! I’ve kind of stopped wearing them.

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