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Of Course This Means New Clothes!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on March 5, 2008

Well… unexpectedly I received a promotion yesterday.

I knew my boss had been trying to get me a manager title for a while, but he has quite a stubborn boss himself, who does not like to go passing out extra money at a whim.

His persistence finally paid off.

So now instead of being  “Senior Analyst” of the department I work in… I am “Manager”


Alas… just last week someone moved into the last empty office in our area.  So the door that comes with my title is going to have to wait until they build the third building on our campus…  but there will be one!  There’s a DOOR in my future, people… and that will be an awesome thing!


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  1. Ron said,

    Woo Hoo!! Way to go on the promotion. Even better way to go on having a door in the near future.

  2. Doc Nagel said,

    Manager?? But… that means you’re evil now.

  3. Al said,

    Congratulations on the promotion.

    Manager, huh?

    Did that come with a lobotomy?

    Just kidding. I have been in and out of Management several times, and it can be a real challenge when you become responsible for a bunch of other people.

  4. Amy said,

    Woohoo!! Congrats to you!! And hey, a new wardrobe isn’t a bad thing, right?

  5. noceleryplease said,

    Ron – Oh, God, how I want a door!

    Doc – No… I was always evil

    Al – I figure I can put off the lobotomy until next year, when I might have actual employees

    Amy – New clothes is always good!

  6. Deborah said,

    Cool. A Door.


  7. tiff said,

    I’m jealous of the door. so very jealous.

  8. Dawn said,

    Oh how I would love a door some (ok, *most*) days. Heck, I would happy with a locking file cabinet at this point.

  9. renn said,

    …Unless you’re a Manager Like ME…and just get the biggest cubicle of the bunch.

    Oh, and the entire office staff fears you, too.


  10. Woo hoo!! Congratulations!

  11. YAY on your promotion! Boo on not having a door!

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