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The Doctor Will See You… Later

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on March 6, 2008

So I get a form letter in the mail yesterday…

The doctor would like to speak with you about your test results.  Please make an appointment.

Wha?  What test?  Which test?  Does she want to talk to me about choleterol?  My Thyroid Hormone (which, ok, was high last year and I ignored it) Fine, no problem.  But there were a bunch of tests…  did she find something horrible in my blood?  Do I have cervical cancer?  Am I going to start bleeding out my eyeballs?

A letter?  And Two days for an appointment?

OK… the rational part of me knows that this is nothing serious, because (and I am hoping this is true) serious news would not be sent in a letter and then depend on me to get back to them to find out about it.  I am thinking serious news would arrive via a phone call and tell me to get my fanny down to the office pronto.

Still… these new HIPA (HIPPA?) regulations make it impossible to get any info about what might be the impetus for this little chat from anyone but the doctor.

Guess I’ll just wait and see…


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  1. Deborah said,

    The office callis if my test results require further discussion, and send a letter if everything is okey dokey.

    Keeping good thoughts for you.

  2. tiff said,

    Me too Deborah. On both counts.

  3. Dawn said,

    They sent a LETTER?? I only get the letter if everything is ok. I get a call if there’s anything more. Here’s hoping it’s something like… oh, I don’t know… a yeast infection. (OMG… there’s something I never thought I would say…)

  4. Ron said,

    A letter should be no big deal. Now if the doctor calls you after normal business hours and sounds like they have been crying all day, then start to worry. I’ll wish you some good luck anyway, can’t hurt.

  5. Doc Nagel said,

    Or, you could get a series of letters like I did, conflicting with one another, with the test results, with the doctor’s analysis of the test results, and spend several afternoons driving 25 minutes to the lab for additional tests that turn out to be needless, and all this spread over 4 months!

  6. I’m sure everything is fine. Let us know what you find out. And, I agree – if it was serious, there would be a phone call.

  7. brenda said,

    They probably dropped your vial of blood and need another one to do their tests.

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