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What You Love

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on April 24, 2008

A couple of folks commented on yesterday’s blog that if you are going to be stuck getting up and going to work every day… it might be worthwhile considering doing something you love. 

It set me to thinking.

Now… I like my job fine, I guess.  I have a HUGE paranoid streak in me, and I’m pretty cynical… so the security / disaster planning field is actually not a bad fit.  (plus, I often have plenty of time for meaningless blogging) But, I wouldn’t say I LOVE it. 

I had a co-worker, many years ago at another job who said that the test of whether a marriage is good or not is this…  If you suddenly won a kajillion dollars… would you get a divorce?  And my answer to that is no.  No I would not.  So, OK, I love my husband.

But!  If I asked that question… If you suddenly won a kajillion dollars… would you quit your job?

Well, even though my job is a perfectly cromulent job, the answer to that question would be YES!  YES!  A Thousand Times YES!

So, clearly, I do not love what I do.

But… if I were going to do something that I love… what would that be?

I love to read.  I suppose I could get a job as a librarian.  That, however, would require a new degree.

I love to go hiking in the woods.  But… really?  I don’t think I could do forest ranger or anything like that… too many yahoos out there (although I would really enjoy ticketing the people who let their maniac dogs run around off-leash)

I love animals… I could maybe work at the humane society…

I still sometimes fantasize about teaching high school… I did start out in college wanting to be a history teacher.  But there’s a probelm with all of these jobs…

I also love to be able to pay the mortgage.  And I love to be able to put food on the table.  And I like being able to have gas in the car to go places. And, really, lets face it, the SB has a pretty pricy guitar-string habit that needs to be supported.

So any job I loved would also have to be a job that could pay for all those things.  I am pretty sure librarians do not get paid very much.

Maybe after I’ve been doing this long enough to get properly vested in my pension plan, I can quit this job and work with homeless dogs or something 🙂

In the mean time… gotta get around to buying a lottery ticket. Powerball is at $144 mill!


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  1. Ron said,

    While I’m comfortable with my job, I would quit in a heartbeat if I hit the lottery. I would probably go back to school and just learn whatever I wanted too. My interests vary extremely and I like to learn things so I would be moving through English, Chemistry, Biology and probably more computer classes. And of course I would be trying to score college chicks!!

  2. Al said,

    I love what I do, and I don’t think I would quit, at least until my current assignment runs out. Given the choice, I would like to build a little sports car restoration shop and just work on projects that interrest me.As long as I had enough money to live on, profit wouldn’t really be the prime motivator.

    And Mrs A. and i would travel in between projects.

    To warm places.

  3. Tracy Lynn said,

    Dude, anyone who says they wouldn’t quit is a LIARHEAD. That’s the reason that A) they pay you to do it and B) it’s called Work instead of NC’s Happy Fun Time.

  4. If we won the lotto, the Evil Twin would definitely quit his job. He’s eligible to retire from this job in about 8 years – of course, he couldn’t NOT work, but it could afford him the opportunity to do something else to supplement his retirement income. I may want to have a job at some point, myself ….

  5. renn said,

    I’d quit. In fact, it would happen the moment that the money hit my checking/savings account.

    I would double and triple check the account first. Then I’d pay everything off.

    Then I would drive to my office, turn in my nextel, keys, id…and walk out.

    Then I’d go work for Al in the restoration shop.

  6. Amy said,

    I’m a firm believer that if you do what you love (and what pleases God) the necessary things in life will be provided for. Truly. I quit my job, I moved halfway across the country and took up substitute teaching. And I’ve never been happier. Do what you love. THAT is how you spend your time in life. Guitar strings may have to wait, but YOU will be following your passion and there is no price tag you can put on that.

    Of course, you could also start taking classes towards training or a degree WHILE you keep your current job and therefore begin the pursuit for something else while still keeping that paycheck.

    I wouldn’t let money dictate how I spent my days, though.

  7. Roo said,

    the only thing keeping me from LOVE LOVE LOVING my job is not being able to bring my dog.

  8. Brenda Love said,

    Just working part time would be fabulous. But I don’t even allow myself to think like that.

  9. tiff said,

    Count me in as a totall quitter, would i to win th elotto.

    THere’s a whole world to explore that my ten days off a year won’t allow me to see.

  10. honeywine said,

    I only have one bit of advice when it comes to this crap: If you like the folks you work with and it’s not too much of a pain in the ass, you’re fine. It’s really all you can hope for in most cases…unless you’re going to invent THE next leg waxxing process ala Nad’s.

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