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Paranoia Strikes Deep

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on May 30, 2008

I am not sure if this says more about me, or the state of our country, or the fact that even though my main exposure to Fox News is through The Daily Show, I still see too much of it for my own mental health.

But I signed this petition today…

I am a supporter of people doing whatever they want as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. (“An it harm none, do as thou wilt” is a lovely principle, and even though I am not a witch, I agree with it.) This includes marriage rights for gay people, and, actually, whole rafts of other people as well. I think that if two people want to set up a household together for the purposes of maintaining a stable partnership, then they should get all the economic and tax advantages as everyone else.

For me, as a completely non-religious person, marriage is a tax status, and I don’t see why some people should be randomly denied a tax status based on their sexual orientation.

But my point here is not that I think GLBT (and XYZWTOAMFEYS, for that matter) folks should be allowed to marry.

The point I started with was.. I went to this web site, and I filled out the information.  And for about 2 seconds before I pushed the “submit” button, I found myself thinking… “Now… when the religious right completes its takeover of the country and they are beginning the ideological cleansing of the rest of us, is my name on this list going to cause me to be among the first sent to the “re-education” center?”

I pushed the button anyway… but the impulse to worry that exercising my right to sign a petition might come back to haunt me.  Hmmm, yeah, I found that a bit worrying.  I hope it’s just a sign of my own mental issues (which, lord, I know I have) and not indicative of something we actually have to worry about in this country.

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  1. Ron said,

    I feel much the same way as you. As the Government everyone should be able to marry and gain the tax status as such. If a specific religion chooses to not recognize that marriage that’s fine, that’s their perogative. If you are not happy with a religion that doesn’t recognize the marriage then don’t contribute to it. It seems so simple really. The Government isn’t about upholding morality, just look at the people in it, it’s about upholding the laws.

  2. leftcoastlibrul said,

    Well, look at it this way. When they come for the likes of us, we can scare ’em off by grabbing someone of the same gender and threatening to have icky gay sex with them…

  3. tiff said,

    Ron’s on to something!

    Biblical marriage and gubmint marriage can and probably SHOULD be different. If not, then why have them both? One type should cover all happenstances, right?

    Wrong. People want to get married but don’t do church, and that doesn’t make their marriages any less legal. Taking religion out of the government’s bailywick is the only right things to do, IMHO.

    Off to sign the petition now!

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