No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Me Me Me Me Me

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 5, 2008

This Post Stolen From ETW:

Accent: Not really – I’ve lived too many places.  People can’t usually tell where I’m “from”

Bra size: 34 C right now… sadly, I seem to be losing them as I lose weight.  If it goes too far, who knows, I may rethink my position on plastic surgery.

Chore I hate: Every chore. But I less-hate doing laundry.

Dad’s name: Rodney Lee _____

Essential make-up: None – Although I can’t start the day without slathering benzoyle Peroxide all over my face…  Yes – 34 years old and still require that crap to keep my skin clear.

Favorite perfume: White musk oil from The Body Shop

Gold or Silver: Gold… but only White gold and Rose Gold – not so much with the yellow.

Hometown: Uh, I guess I was born in Kingston, NY… but I wouldn’t say it was “home”

Interesting fact: Er…   Um…  Uh…  This is my third blog… I keep having to start over because I blow my secret identity.

Job title: Manager, Department Name

Kids: Pets: One small dog.  Goes by the name of Gabby.  Or Gabber.  Or Gabbus.  Or Gabbus Boo.  Or Boo.  Or Boonis.  Or Boonis McGlohan.  Or Boo of Boo Corners.  Sometimes Gabzilla.

Living arrangements: Small house, high ceilings.

Mom’s Birthplace: Bellingham, MA

Number of apples eaten in last week: Umm… there were some apple chunks in the fruit salad… maybe 1/4.

Overnight hospital stays: 2 as a teenager. Had to have surgery on my jaw.  Twice.  Damn underbite.

Phobia: I am the queen of paranoid fantasies, but thankfully, I have nothing that rises to the level of “phobia”  I do, however, worry about almost everything.

Question you ask yourself a lot: Is it 5pm yet?

Religious affiliation: No, Thank you.

Siblings: Youngest of 5.  3 sisters, 1 brother.

Time I wake up: The alarm goes off at 5:28 am.  I hit snooze at 5:36, 5:44 and 5:52.  I get up at 6.

Natural Hair color: Brown.  I just leave it that way.

Vegetable I refuse to eat: Celery.  Also – Brussels Sprouts.

Worst habit: Laziness.

X-rays: Only at the dentist.

Yummy food I make: I don’t “make” food anymore.  I used to make the best spinach and artichoke puffs on the planet (seriously) but they are too caloric for today’s NCP.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Go ahead… play along.  It’s fun!


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  1. Doc Nagel said,

    You know I can’t resist a meme. Stolen.

  2. db grin said,

    Funny, I’m on my 3rd blog too…

    This one seems more attuned to girly people, but I’ll do it ennawhey. Since you told me so persuasively. And I like to follow orders, ohyesido.

  3. […] about that, here goes the stolen portion of the program, which comes by way of theft from NCP, who sto’d it from ETW. I better STFU and GTFO […]

  4. Wow, I can’t believe you hate celery! (HAhahaha). We were the same way with our cats – they had many variations of nicknames. And, the Evil Twin is also a Leo. I knew there was just “something” about you!

  5. db grin said,

    You don’t make food anymore? What do you eat?

    The answer to the QotD is wonderful!

  6. noceleryplease said,

    DB… I don’t “make” food – I microwave it 🙂

  7. Scott said,

    I lived not to far from Bellingham MA, in Northbridge MA.

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