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So this sucks

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 6, 2008

My dog, The Gabber, has been diagnosed with early stage chronic renal failure.

Basically this means she’s 12 years old and things are starting to break.

There’s no medicine to fix kidneys in any species.  And there is no real success rate with dog kidney transplants (cats, oddly enough, can get them).

But, caught relatively early, the failure can be slowed through special kidney diets low in phosphorus, protein, and sodium.

This might not be a problem for your run of the mill, I eat anything, dog.

But that Gabber, she is picky.  Picky like she’d rather starve than eat something she feels is beneath her.  She gets bored with food and even stuff she likes she’ll turn her nose up at eventually.

So now I have to find a variety of foods she’ll put up with.

Hill’s Prescription diet makes a kidney food.  Royal Canine makes one.  Purina Pro-Plan has one too.   So we’ll see if we can get things for her.  She also has to have low sodium dog treats.  It’s very difficult to find dog treats that don’t have salt as one of the first three ingrdients or so… and in order to be “low” salt has to be missing, or near the very end.  Plus, she’s so very picky.

So.. we’ll see how she does.  She has to drink lots of water and eat this new kidney diet.  It’s still early.  Her Creatinine level has gone from 2.1 last year to 2.7 this year (I think 7 or so is, like, time’s up), but her red blood cell count looks good.  The vet did not seem overly panicked.  Just wants her diet to be more strict.

This will present the most difficulty to my dad, who loves to give her treats when we visit on the weekends.  I’ll have to start bringing treats she can have over there, because her favorite treat of choice over there is liverwirst, and i’m pretty sure that’s not in the “low sodium” camp.


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  1. Tracy Lynn said,

    Dude, my mom actually cooks for her dogs, and I did it for her when I was dog sitting and it’s pretty simple, considering I am lazy and don’t particularly like cooking for humans.

    A lot can be done ahead of time, and my mom feeds them a mix of rice, baked potato, ground beef or baked chicken, squash and pumpkin. It helps you to control the salt etc, plus she mixes in a small amount of kibble so that they stay used to eating it.

    Email me if you want to know more, or ask your vet.

  2. Ron said,

    I’m sorry. Heck my dog eats what I do and she would totally be pissed with a restricted diet. Hope things go well and you have many more years with that special puppy. Even if he is a little pissed about the food.

  3. Deborah said,

    I’m sorry Gabber’s parts are starting to break. I don’t know that much (yet) about doggie diets & such (learning more every day) but I’d say preparing your own food for Gabber is probably a good way to go. I don’t know about where you are, but in my corner of the world wholistic and organic pet food & treat emporiums are opening all over. I run across *ideas & recipes* all over.

    Much luck with getting picky Gabber to eat more healthfully.

  4. Doc Nagel said,

    Well, you know my history with Lancelot. He too was a picky eater, though in a weird way, and in the end, we tried everything, including these über-natural cat foods made with rabbit and venison, with almost no grain in them. We never did know what was wrong with him, so having some information at least lets you know there’s something you can do.

    We love the Gabber!

  5. tiff said,

    You can make “dog soup” too…just a buncha veg boiled with meat bones. Pour dat over some rice and I’ll be the dog thinks it’s in high cotton.

    Good luck with it!

  6. Roo said,

    well shit.
    so sorry to hear that.

  7. Sorry to hear the news. There’s one blogger I read who loves her two dogs and swears by the food from Honest Kitchen (you can google it, but I Maybe see if that food meets your requirements?

  8. half my message disappeared! It was SUPPOSED to say (you can google it, but I think it’s then the Maybe.

  9. renn said,

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my 12 year old dog last week, so I understand.

    I hope that you are able to find something that works for your poor puppy.

    Best wishes for all of you.

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