No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on June 11, 2008

Went out to get in the car this morning, and someone had gone through my glove box and door pockets and dumped all the stuff in the floor.

Further investigation showed they did the same to the SB’s car.

Now… nothing was missing, because neither of us keeps anything of value in our cars.  And I am really unsure about how they got in my car.  I am usually very good about locking it at night (although I have been known to forget occasionally, which I assume I must have here).

The SB’s car is always unlocked because otherwise the top gets slashed.  Convertibles should always be left unlocked and empty if you want to protect the top.

So while the person took nothing… not even any of my CD’s – which they opened the case of, but I suppose found nothing to their liking, the case holding mostly classical and old rock and roll – I find that I am annoyed.

I know that there are lots of criminals that do that at night… troll for unlocked cars and just take anything of value (it’s why I leave nothing of value in my car).  But it ticks me off that they think it’s fine to do that.  Just go around and take people’s stuff.  And it bugs me that there’s someone doing that in my neighborhood… right in my driveway,,, while I am sleeping just inside my house.  Sneaky little bastards.

But what can I do?  (I mean besides being more careful about locking my door, which, really, I usually am).  Crime in my neighborhood is really fairly low – the rich neighborhoods have far more break-ins, what with them having stuff to steal.  I can’t sit in the dark in my yard waiting for someone to come by and molest my car and then pounce.  1) I am not good at pouncing, and 2) Heck, now that they’ve been through once with no results, why would they come back?

But it still annoys me.

I could move – but is there anywhere better than where I am?  I think not.. there’s crime everywhere.

I could move to a place with a garage.  I’ve always wanted a house with a garage.  But I am very conflicted about that.  I’m probably going to have the house we are in paid for in 6 years or so… would I really want to start over with another 30 year mortgage?  When I can have this house (albeit with no garage) free and clear soon?


Nothing to do for it, I suppose, except take the opportunity to rant a little on my blog.

At least whoever rifled us was neat, and didn’t leave the car doors open for the interior lights to wear down the battery.  Very polite, I suppose, as far as criminals go.

I don’t think there’s anything in my car / registration folder that could lead to ID theft, but maybe I’ll sign up for a year of credit monitoring, just in case – that has to be cheaper than moving to a new house.


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  1. Deborah said,

    Bummer. I know how you feel. That has happened to me a time or two. My daughter had a radio stolen about a year ago. Yes, at the very least, good the door wasn’t left ajar.

    Thieves really make my blood boil. Ugh.

  2. We had this happen at our old neighborhood and they did take things. Only thing you can do is lock the doors and hope they don’t break the glass for nothing.

  3. Ron said,

    This happened to me too. I don’t leave much in my truck, but they did take my emergency roadside kit with my jumper cables. The bastards! Other than that they are welcome to my empty fast food trash that I keep in there. Perhaps I’ll keep a poisonous reptile in a little plastic case for future thieves.

  4. Rebecca said,

    My boyfriend’s car recently had one of his windows smashed in. And then another. They were trying to take his CD player. This particular car though was a piece of crap…so it’s interesting that they chose his to break in to. Bastards

  5. On or around 11 June 2008, officials from the Department of Homeland Security performed a routine inspection of vehicles in your area. There were no specific threats reported, and, in this particular case, no evidence was found of terrorist cell activity in your area.

    The Department of Homeland Security will continue to maintain the highest possible level of assurance against any and all threats to our nation’s homeland. Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated, as well as required by law.

    P.S. Thanks for the gum.

  6. Tammie said,

    If they didn’t take anything then my guess would be that it was kids looking for money or music they like…something like that. This is the reason they enforce the curfew in our town. Teen vandalism…

  7. jc said,

    Glad you didn’t lose anything of value.. or anything at all for that matter.
    Also, I have a garage and it’s awesome, but my car? NEVER in it.
    Too much other stuff in it… you never think you’ll be one of those people with a lot of crap in their garage until shazam, you are.

  8. Al said,

    At least you didn’t have anything vasaluable in the car. and the perps were not inclined to slash your tired and apholstery.

    Still, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to negatively reinforce their actions. A cattle prod and shock collar come to mind…..

  9. tiff said,

    Yeah – those people who think it’s cool or acceptable to just take other people’s stuff tick me off. When my bike was stolen from my backyard I felt really let down. Didn’t think it would happen to me, until it did.

    Glad they didnt’ take anything, and smart of you to NOT leave anything of value in your car. I’m thinking now that we should all just carry our registrations and proof of insurances with us in case those are taken for some kind of ID theft.

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