No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

They could have said before

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 1, 2008

I was under the impression that my fancy new purple violin was going to be delivered by the nice people in the brown truck today.

The tracking web site has said since last Wednesday that today was going to be the day.

Today I went to the tracking site and it says…


What’s up with that?  “Adverse weather conditions” they say on the site.

But you would think that they might have known that… might, sometime in the last week, have posted a little – “hey, don’t get your hopes up” note about the fact that the package had not yet even left California, rather than leaving up the “everything is fine, expect your package on Tuesday” message.

Grrr… I wanted my purple violin.

They better give me some kind of update soon – I mean… what kind of weather means that a ground delivery package can’t get out of the state?  Is it monsoon season?


P.S. Tiff, I took your advice and changed my template to a happier color.  Good call.


3 Responses to 'They could have said before'

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  1. tiff said,

    How frustrating!!!!! Grrr.

    I likee the new blog colors. Redecorating is fun!

  2. Deborah said,

    Hope your held hostage violin is relased soon and it arrives none the worse for wear.

  3. jc said,

    I’m guessing the fact that the state is on FIRE is the ‘adverse weather’ that’s holding up your violin…you know nothing major.

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