No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Sooooooo Puuuurple

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 3, 2008
Purple Violin

Purple Violin


6 Responses to 'Sooooooo Puuuurple'

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  1. Deborah said,

    Sooooo hot!

  2. tiff said,


    Now bedazzle it!

  3. renn said,


    It screams TSO!

  4. Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a purple violin before. Very pretty! Now, get to learning that thing!

  5. Ron said,

    Ooooohhhhh!!! Pretty

  6. db grin said,

    Sweet! I had a purple guitar once, but the finish on your fiddle is cooler.

    So by this time next year, we’ll expect to see you on youtube doing The Devil Went Down to Georgia, mmkay?

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