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$%*@ing Disposable Equipment!!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 4, 2008

The problem with exercise equipment is that the manufacturers of such stuff assume that their product need only hold up for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and then it just needs to be able to serve as a high-tech coat hanger.

So when home exercise equipment is confronted with ACTUAL USE, it craps out and falls apart.

I have had my Reebok 245 Exercise bike for about two years.  It was the best thing on the planet for about 2 weeks when I first got it.  Then, confronted with two weeks of a consumer actuall using the product on a regular basis, the “whisper quiet” operation gradually began to be less whispery and more like a lound converstion in the library that would cause disapproving librarians to hiss “SHHHHHHH” repeatedly until the patrons snuck out in shame to continue their lively discussion outside.

Over time, the seat has cracked and required liberal applications of duct tape to keep it together.

The belt started slipping and had to be tightened to keep the thing working.

And now… well, I am not 100% sure exactly what’s wrong in there, but it sounds for all the world like the little bearings and gears that allow the pedals to turn the crank are falling apart and rubbing against each other in an attempt to completely disintegrate themselves.  Either way, it means that the pedals will only sometimes actually catch and propel the flywheel as they are going around.

So.  I am faced with the option of buying a new exercise bike, or attempting to wrangle with this one, open the beast up, try and figure out the crank mechanism, and see if I can “repair” a machine that the manufacturers obviously expected to have been given to the Goodwill by now.


I was going to say… “Note to self: don’t ever buy anything from ICON fitness again”  But, who knows if any of the other brands out there are any better.  My Sole elliptical machine has been behaving wonderfully for the past couple of months… I hope it doesn’t get any ideas from the bike…


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  1. In mid-July 2008, officials of the Department of Homeland Security began deployment of Prevent Exercise Rights Violations Education Response Teams. The Teams, trained by the US military, identify locations of exercise equipment that could be used by terrorists or insurgents in the construction of weapons or preparing cells for attacks. DHS Teams enter these locations to modify exercise equipment.

    In accordance with DHS policy and the USA PATRIOT Act, you were not notified of the entry by Team members. As a result of DHS Team operations, the exercise equipment described in this post is now certified terror-free.

    The Department of Homeland Security will continue to maintain the highest possible level of assurance against any and all threats to our nation’s homeland. Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated, as well as required by law.

  2. Deborah said,

    As I am often reminded: They just don’t make things the way they used to.

  3. Al said,

    The machines are all conspiring to take over the world.

  4. Ron said,

    I would separate the machines immediately!! They will conspire against you!

  5. I would check online for other users’ reviews. It might just be that you bought a lemon the first time. If other reviews are overwhelmingly bad, then I’d look into a similar product from a different manufacturer. Good luck and good for you actually using the thing!

  6. renn said,

    I’d check on the warranty specifications. Does the warranty list the terms of use?
    It should include even a basic limited warranty (generally 1 year for things like toasters, etc).

    I’d print it, look it over – and proceed to file a complaint on line. At the very least, you may get random replacement parts.

    I also recommend running a search on whether or not the product was recalled by the Safety Administration.

    Just a thought.

  7. tiff said,

    If it’s truly reached its end of days, I say take it out back and bash it with a sledgehammer.

    Taht’s some pretty good exercise, right there.

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