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The Exercise Bike is Dead

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 7, 2008


So the SB and I (OK, mostly the SB) dismantled the exercise bike to see if we could determine the problem.

And we did.

It was a round part that the belt goes around and it was slipping.

A tiny little bit of a thing, really, and I thought.. Great!  I’ll just order up little ol’ part 53 and off we go!

Alas… #53 was the only part not listed for slae on the web site.

There was #52… and after that, #54… but #53?  not so much.

So, finally, in an act of desperation, I broke down and actually CALLED the customer service people, who were very polite, and politely and helpfully informed me that I cannot buy part #53… it only comes as part of a larger package of stuff – #39, and has to be replaced as part of the whole package. (which seemed odd to me, because we managed to get down to part #53 when dismantling the bike).

So I foolishly inquired as to the cost of ordering parts package #39.

Well… that would be $140.

Ah, yes, well… $140 to buy a set of parts that are probably what’s wrong with the bike.  And here’s me with no real confidence or instructions on getting those parts back onto the bike once they arrive.

So yeah… for another $100 or so on top of that $140, I can get a BRAND NEW BIKE (and not from ICON Fitness, either, I’ll tell you that).

So I’m looking into a Schwinn 101, because as much as I like my elliptical machine to work out in the afternoon… it’s WAY too much coordination to ask of me at 6am for the morning workout.  The bike, she is NECESSARY, I tell you.


4 Responses to 'The Exercise Bike is Dead'

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  1. Deborah said,

    $140 for parts. Eeeks.

  2. Ron said,

    Poor exercise bike…. we shall mourn the loss… Makes you wonder if they don’t seriously overprice the replacement parts just to force you to buy a brand new bike.

  3. renn said,


    May the NEW bike be easier to ‘fix’, should any problem arise!

  4. tiff said,

    You work out twice a day.



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