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I know, there is something wrong with me

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 11, 2008

But I just don’t care about the Olympics.

Not even a teeny, tiny bit.


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  1. Dawn said,

    That makes two of us. I get into the Winter Olympics slightly more than the Summer ones, but even then… eh. I would rather keep up with my professional sports addictions in the form of MLB & NFL.

  2. ifswallowed said,

    Since we got rid of the television I have not had to care. It does amaze me how much time they spend on it on the radio. I just don’t believe that the Olympics translates well to the radio….

  3. Tracy Lynn said,

    Dude, I love them enough for ALL OF US.

  4. We should start a club. I’m sure I’ll hear about it from every other source I get info from.

  5. Ron said,

    I only catch what I happen to flip into and generally it doesn’t hold my attention to long. Got to give them credit though, what I have seen is impressive.

  6. renn said,

    I am watching them because I have a seven year old that REALLY LOVES THEM.

  7. starheart said,

    OMG!!! My dad really loves them, so i watch them, like, ALL the time. Michael Phelps (he’s an Olympic swimmer) just broke the world record for gold medals in an Olympiad. (it WAS 7, but now it’s 8) But i have to be with TL on this one. My dad and i LOVE the Olympics. My brother is sort of in to them, but not really. And my mom hates them, ‘cuz the plasma gets more attention than her, so she’s pretty jealous. Even more so then when it’s nascar season. Boy, does my dad LOVE those. You do NOT want to bother him when he’s watching a race. : )

  8. starheart said,

    it’s now 8 medals. sorry, the 8 and the ) were together and itmade a cute little smiley face, don’tcha think?

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