No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

So Now I am 34

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 16, 2008

Feelin’ pretty OK with that.

And going to the AWESOME Dragon buffet for lunch which usually has to be limited to ONE TRIP PER MONTH or else I’d be there every day.

But it’s my birthday… and I AM HAVING DIM SUM, dammit!


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  1. Deborah said,

    happy, happy, joy, joy!! Dim Sum it UP!

  2. Doc Nagel said,

    Congrats! Yesterday, as advertised, was my 26th birthday, again. But the party’s today! And the word of the day today is “farce.”

    May the farce be with us, I suppose.

  3. Tracy Lynn said,


  4. Ron said,

    Yo yo yo!! Happy Birthday!! 34? Hardly anything at all, heck I’m not even positive it’s legal for you to drink in some states 🙂

  5. ifswallowed said,

    Happy Birthday!

  6. renn said,

    Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy the Dim Sum!

  7. Al said,

    Happy Birthday!

    I love Dim Sum. They have an excellent Dim Sum place halfway between work and home. I try to get people from work to go with me, but when they bring out the chicken feet and tripe, they usually lose their apetite, and never want to go back.


  8. starheart said,

    Hey again! Congrats on the 34th. You’re 10 years younger than my mom, if it makes u feel any better! 8)

  9. Happy Birthday!! Sorry I’m a day late. It’s been nutz around here. I hope you enjoyed your Dim Sum, you spring chicken, you! 🙂

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