No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Is a detailed description of EVERY PRODUCT so much to ask?

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 16, 2008

I suppose so.

I had Campbell’s Select teriyaki chicken noodle soup for lunch today.  I was going to come out here and gush about how tasy it was and whatnot and provide a link and a picture and all that.

But the fine people at Campbells do not consider it necessary to give more than a cursory mention of the different varieties of soup they have.  They only have a couple of pictures on the “selects” site… and don’t mention the teriyaki chicken at all! (well, maybe I am in a test market).  Poor product description on web sites drives me insane.

So – I guess you’ll just have to believe me.  It was tasty – and only 220 calories in the whole can!

This compare to yesterday’s soup fiasco… Also Campbells select, but it was “light Maryland Style Crab” which was, upon a day’s reflection… gross.  Now –  I knew going in that there was celery in this soup.  Not too much, though, it only took me a few minutes to pick it all out.  But there was something else in that soup, and I have no idea what it was, because I did not recognize the taste, but it just cast a pall over the entire soupal experience.  A yucky, yucky pall.  I do not recommend it.  AT ALL.  I guess the ohly thing I can say about it was… it’s only 160 calories for the can, and I was hungry enough that I was able to fool myself into believing it was better than nothing.  The after-taste after eating this soup kinda made me think that perhaps I should have gone with the nothing.

So… new soups for the week.  Teriyaki chicken – yummy!  Maryland Style Crab – Yucky! Tomorrow will be new chicken and something something vegetable… I can’t remember.  Hopefully it’s better than the crab stuff (no celery in the ingredient list, anyway).


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  1. Deborah said,

    Golly I haven’t had a can of soup in a long, long time. And Campbell’s in even longer. Glad to hear they’ve gotten better, sorta.

  2. Al said,

    I bought some chunky sirloin burger soup. Microwave safe.

    Yeah. Liars.

    It exploded in the microwave at work and I had to spend my lunch time cleaning the microwave,


  3. tiff said,

    What’s the salt content on those babies?

    I find that a lot of canned soups taste….canned. Is this your epxerience as well, or is it just me?

  4. I’m not a canned soup fan, but my family digs them. I bet the Evil Twin would like the Teriyaki Chicken, so thanks for the tip!

  5. Ron said,

    Im more of a chili type of person. Soup is just a hot beverage 🙂

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