No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Out of Gas

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 25, 2008

The ability of human beings to behave like complete morons never ceases to amaze me.  Which is pretty impressive, considering the feats that morons have accomplished in the past.

Our fair city has now, through blind panic and greed, managed to run pretty much EVERY STATION IN THE CITY out of gas.

As you may know… there was a hurricane in the gulf of Mexico.

This caused the refineries to shut down.  Then the power was out.  Now they are coming back online, but slowly…

In response, gas deliveries to NC have dropped 30%.

However, also in response to this… people have be running to the gas station like lunatics, hoarding gas, filling up their giant SUVs AND all the red plastic gas cans they happen to have.

And now there is no gas for the rest of us.

People, seeing that gas was running out… then joined giant gas lines to further drain the stations EVEN THOUGH THEY ADMIT THEY HAVE PLENTY OF GAS IN THEIR CARS!!!  They are waiting in ridiculous lines and probably idling through a gallon or so of the stuff they are after JUST TO TOP UP THEIR TANKS!!!!!


I have close to half a tank.  So I oughta be OK… “they” say that there should be more gas this weekend.  Whoever “They” are.

I have derby practice tonight in Gastonia.  I’ll see if there’s any gas there.  It will be ironic if there is… as people in Charlotte usually hold themselves to be so smugly superior and more intelligent than the rednecks in Gastonia.  But if they have gas there, I guess that means they were smart enough to resist a panicked run on the gas stations.

Then my question becomes… if they do have gas… do I join the panic stampede and buy gas tonight… when normally I would buy gas on a Saturday morning?

The Saturday morning fillups are usually 100% necessary, because I am on EMPTY by then.  But if there’s no gas still on Saturday morning, then that leaves me stuck at home all weekend.  Of course – that could be a good thing!  A nice, relaxing weekend with nothing to do. 

This could all have been avoided if the stations had jacked the prices up to $5 a gallon last week.  Sure, people (including me) would have been pissed, but they wouldn’t have been getting those extra gas cans filled up, I bet you.  But when the stations did jack up the prices after the hurricane, they were threated by the governor with “price gouging” actions… and they backed the prices off – thus allowing morons to hoard all the gas.

Isn’t supply and demand great?!


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  1. Al said,

    Reminds me of the time back in the 70’s when Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show made a joke about there being a tiolet paper shortage.Many morons didn’t get the joke, and went out and stocked up on said item, thereby causing the joke to become reality. A couple of days later, Johnny had to go on the air and explain that there originally was no problem, that it was a joke, but people running out and hoarding were creating a shortage.
    It’s a wonder the human race survives.

  2. Ron said,

    What?! No gas??? No Toilet Paper!??? I’ve got to go now and fill up then hit the stores and stock up on TP!!!

  3. jadedwon said,

    It is a wonder that the human race somehow continues to exist. If that isn’t proof there is a God keeping everything together, I don’t know what is.

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