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I am a big weenie

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 30, 2008

I want to get my hair cut.

I am terribly afraid.

I have had the same pulled back in a clip on top, hang down in the back hair cut for years.

Sometimes it has been long, sometimes short.

but the same, none the less.

So I want to make an appointment at a salon… an actual salon, not the great clips where I usually go.

I want to let someone whom you might term a stylist go at my head with some clippers.

But…  if I get it all cut off – and it looks like crap… what then?  My hair does not grow quickly.  Hats?  Head scarves?

Here is what my hair always looks like…  About the best picture I could yank off my web site.

Here are some pictures of haircuts I like.  I will continue to contemplate and waffle.


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  1. Ron said,

    Hmmm… very interesting. I would certainly pick the longest of your shorter versions if your hair doesn’t grow quickly. It’s always easier to take a little more off than to make it grow faster.

  2. tiff said,

    I’d say go to one of those online ‘try it out’ sites, input your pic, and start swapping hairstyles. What looks good on the models won’t necessarily loog good onyou base on your hair type, texture, amount, tolerance for styling, etc….

    good luck! I’m in the ‘pull it back with a clip’ boat too. Too lazy to change at this point.

  3. Dr. Err said,

    find styles on models who have similar face/bone structure as you have… also, minus the last one,those are fairly high workloads each morning… how you feel about that?
    if you go to a good salon, you could have them help you out, too.

  4. Deborah said,

    Allz I can say is thank goodness my hair issues are solved, until trim time every 3 or 4 weeks.

    Good luck choosing something that works for you.

  5. Doc Nagel said,

    I have had exactly one good hair cut in my entire life, a page-boy-ish number. It was cut by one of them there “stylists.” It cost something outrageous like $30. (As everyone knows, everything should cost $10.) I never felt, before or since, more confident about how I looked.

    And there’s the rub. I could never find anyone to replicate it, or even approximate it. For 7 long years after that (or so), I suffered bimonthly scalpings at one of those chain joints – I believe, in fact, it was Scalpz! – and looked a fool.

    I have since entirely given up on the idea of having my hair cut.

    So beware – you might love your styled cut. It could be the love that ruins you. You may be driven mad and reject civilization. It could happen.

  6. Al said,

    The long on one side, short on the other style is real popular right now. Plus if it doesn’t work out, you can always cut the longer side.

  7. Just jump in and DO it. It’s hair. If it grows back slowly, so what? You will find a way to style it that suits your needs. It’s only hair. It’s only hair. It’s only hair. 🙂

  8. renn said,

    I love all of these styles! Good luck!

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