No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

And the Winner Is…

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on October 14, 2008

No Celery Please proudly presents…

The first annual awarding…

Of the prestigious bloggy honor of…

The coveted…

And who are the lucky winners of this award?

Why… all you deserving folks on my blogroll, of course.

(OK – I am lazy, so I am only doing the people that might actually come here and see this, not the places where I only lurk.)

  • For outstanding ability to describe working on cars under his deck while still making sense to those who barely understand how to start one up…. Al
  • For coming back up swinging every time… Blonde Goddess
  • Because I admire anyone who can run more than 20 yards without collapsing in a heap like I would… Cravey
  • Anyone who can be a full time philospher, a gourmet chef, AND raise two adorable kittens should get some kind of award…. Doc Nagel
  • For redefining the meaning of mommy blog… Evil Twin’s Wife
  • For doing SO MUCH cool stuff with her daughters and then letting us live vicariously in their cool, pacific northwest world… If Swallowed…
  • For the best use of completely unrelated but hilarious titles… Kaply
  • For the best use of politics as a pathway to drunkeness (and her fierce defense of oppressed peoples of all stripes… Little Bits Of Fluff
  • Because her girlfriend lives, like, 20 states away from her – and STILL she manages to entertain us on a regular basis with interesting posts… Middle Girl
  • Even with two kids, multi-pets, AND a job.  She POSTS EVERY DAY, PEOPLE!!!  And is FUNNY!! – Tiff
  • For the starriest background in the blogoverse – Planet Brenda
  • Someone who ALWAYS has a party going on… The Princess of Scottsdale
  • Just for the coolness that is Renn
  • For being so darn spiffy!  – Biff
  • For lunches that will make you weep with jealousy… Bobo
  • For warning us all about the imminent squirrell uprising – Ron

So congratulations everyone!  All your blogs have something great about them that makes them deserve the award that goes like this.

(Pass it along iffn you feel like it).


13 Responses to 'And the Winner Is…'

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  1. Aw, thanks! You have some on your list here I haven’t checked out, but given your descriptions, I’m gonna have to visit them! 🙂

  2. ifswallowed said,

    Thanks! I NEVER win anything. You’re the best! Now I have to start to think of my list….

  3. Ron said,

    Thank you!! And beware the squirrel uprising!! Cause really them thar squirrels are just darn nuts…

  4. Tracy Lynn said,


  5. Deborah said,

    Verklempf! Many Tanks. 😉

  6. renn said,

    Hahahahahaha! Thank you!

  7. jc said,

    I got an award!
    I’m all warm and squishy inside. 🙂

    thank you.


  8. tiff said,

    JC – Careful! Your delicious nougaty center is showing!

    Thanks much NCP. I shall use the power of this award for its intended purpose. Which, of course, is comment-mongering. And sidebar bedazzling) if i can ever figure out how to put a pic on the sidebar…)

  9. Thanks so much you sweet punkin of a thang! Guess what? The party is in New Jersey this weekend!


    I am so going to freeze my desert ass off there.

  10. Al said,

    Thanks. I always assume thet my female readers get the “deer in the headlights” look whenever I write about my automotive misadventures.

  11. db grin said,

    Squee! I’m all fulla nougat!

    I liked you before, but now I like you with vigor. And hot sauce.

    Thanks, it’s my first award ever at this address, and I shall spend my winnings wisely.

    (A friend who’s coming to visit asked just yesterday, ‘are there any noodie bars in Raleigh?’ I’ll consider this a research grant.)

  12. Brenda Love said,

    It’s just too bad I’m too dead to receive it.
    See my blog for details.

  13. Lauren said,

    Thank you so much! ❤ I feel loved. 😀

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