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UPS Should Have This Feature

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on November 24, 2008

So the original knee pads that I bought for derby have crapped out on me.

I am sure that the Pro-Tech brand pads would be a perfectly good knee pad for a sport that does not involve a lot of deliberately flinging oneself at the ground.  A sport that, perhaps, just uses pads for the occasional accidental fall.

But for the Derby?  Not so much.  I need PROTECTION, people.

So I ordered a pair of soft and cushy “187s” and have been waiting patiently (ok, not patiently, but as though I have no other choice but to wait) for a week for them to arrive.

The UPS site has them slated to arrive tomorrow – yay!

They started out in Wyoming, and have come a long way in the past week.  I was curious exactly how long a way, so I took the transit points listed on the tracking site and plugged them into a Yahoo Map…


The big yellow circle is the target destination.

I would LOVE to be able to click a button on the UPS tracking page and pull up a map like this.

Because this is WAY cooler than just a list of places my package has been, and actually is kind of impressive if you realize how far one pair of knee pads can travel in 5 days.

Are you listening, UPS?


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  1. That would be a cool feature. I love to obsess over tracking my packages.

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