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Memeing Around

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on December 16, 2008

In yet another attempt to avoid coming up with my own actual topics, I have accepted the “Interview Meme” gauntlet that was thrown down over at Ron’s place.

The deal is… Ron was interviewed by someone whose blog he reads and posted his answers along with the offer to interview other people, which I signed up for.  So now, Ron is asking me questions (see below) and if YOU want to join this merry band of interviewing, you just have to say so in the comments and I will send you 5 wacky questions of my own devising that you can then answer on your blog.

Yes… I know you all already knew how this works, but I am a stickler for form:)

Question #1:
What inspired you to start your blog?
This is actually my third blog.  I begain blogging… um… 2004? 2005? My first blog was completely un-anonymous.  My name and picture were plastered all over that thing.  Then also – I posted a lot of ranting and political stuff in those days.  Those to factors combined to make me realize that anyone reading that blog (and I actually did have a pretty big audience because I was also a comment whore back then and signed up for all kinds of blog promotion sites, etc) could easily take offense at something I wrote and hunt me down and kill me.

So I started my second blog – which I fully intended to be anonymous, but this and that sort of thing happened, and my blog was eventually found by some relatives of mine, and the LAST thing I want is to have a blog where I can’t bitch freely about my family (which i still don’t do because I’m so mega-paranoid that someone might find it).  So that was shuttered too

This blog was a second attempt at anonimity.  I don’t think it would be impossible for someone who was really determined to find out who I am from this blog (especially now with the derby thing).  But, hell… I don’t get all ranty anymore… and my huge paranoia keeps my blog relatively “personal info” free.  So who’s gonna go to the trouble, I ask you?

Question #2:

What one Holiday tradition/decoration could you not live without?

Two words… Meat Pie
My mom makes these every Christmas.  She starts about a week out from Christmas and makes 15 to 20 of these things and freezes them.  We are ABSOLUTELY forbidden to touch them before Christmas morning.   But as soon as we are awake enough on the day to muster some enthusiasm for breakfast, these start coming out.  It takes the family about 3 to 4 days to go through the  whole stack.
They are ground beef (although my sister mixes ground pork into hers) cooked in a pan with breadcrumbs and spices until it is the consistency of a very thick pudding.  Then put into pie shells and baked.  Think a GIANT empanada… or maybe meatloaf in a pie crust as long as your idea of meatloaf doesn’t involve tomatoes in it.
Anyway… best food ever.  I like them even better than cheesecake.  They are ONLY served at Christmas.
I like mine with a fried egg and cheese on top of the piece of pie.  Yum!

Question #3:

Are there any hot, single, straight roller derby women in your league? If so my number is….

Ummm… wait that one may not be appropriate
Yes!  There are, in fact, plenty of hot, single, striaght derby girls on my team.  Alas, Ron, you sort of live in Ohio, which is a hinderance to introducing you.
But why come all the way here to meet derby girls when you can go see your very own OHIO team?
Go to a bout!  Volunteer to be a statistician – teams ALWAYS need volunteers – go for it!

Question #3

How did you hear about the Roller Derby and why did it appeal to you so much?

I loved to roller skate when I was a kid.  I was also kinda looking for a new activity to take up.  And was considering perhaps a martial art of some kind.
So when a co-worker who is married to a derby girl left flyers for CLTRG in the break room, I thought “HOLY COW!  Charlotte has ROLLER DERBY!! I MUST DO IT!!!”
And that was pretty much it.. Full contact roller skating – how can you go wrong? 
PLUS the ADDED bonus that I am an adult woman and could NEVER get away with wearing those outfits anywhere else but the derby track without looking like a complete tool.

Question #4:

I believe from you blog that your line of work is in security, do you get to carry a gun? If so what kind?

LOL – no… I work in corporate security, which means that I compile statistical reports and maintain and administer software applications and put together training modules and compose enterprise-wide communications. 
The actual gun-toting folk are, ironically, much farther down the food chain.

Question #5:

What would be your perfect costume to where to DragonCon next year?

If I go… I am seriously considering going in full-on derby gear.  (probably not the skates, though… I might die in those crowds).

If I had unlimited money / and or time / artistic ability?  I would go as The Enterprise.  That would be cool.


So there’s my Frost / Nixon moment… if you would like your own hard-hitting investigative meme… you just let me know.


5 Responses to 'Memeing Around'

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  1. NCP – this was awesome! I loved the questions and the answers. I feel like I know you a bit better now. (I’ve always been curious as to your line of work…it seems interesting and mysterious).

  2. Ron said,

    Hmmm… no gun, bummer. However this meat pie tradition with egg and cheese on top really sounds like a treat I could get into. I’ve considered going to the roller derby in town, but I never seem to make it happen.

  3. renn said,

    I would love to be interviewed!

  4. Doc Nagel said,

    Because I was attention-starved as a child, I too would love to be interviewed. Though some would say this is redundant. Some would say I’m redundant.

  5. Deborah said,

    Neato idea. Yeah, me too.

    I am soooo going to a match (or two) when the Chicago Rollers get back in action. They moved their home venue late last season, making the trips to the matches much less dicey, public transportation-wise. I can hardly wait.


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