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Hey – Sometimes in Life, You Have Your Ass Kicked!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 23, 2009

Saw this headline on Yahoo’s home page:

Team regrets 100-0 win

A Texas high school team wants to set things right after crushing an opponent by 100 points.

So the winning team wants to apologize for being so much better than the losers and not holding back when it was clear they were going to crush them.

I can see the impulse – these are both Christian schools and want to be all “brotherly love” and “Christ-like”

But, you know?  What kind of life lesson is it to teach kids that if they really suck at something, the key is to get the people who are better than them to not try as hard in order to avoid making them look bad?

How about… wow – that team really kicked our asses!  Maybe we should practice more and try harder!!

Sigh – one day they will get to the real world where people will slit your throat for a corner office, and they will have to learn that lesson in an environment where more is at stake than a ball game.  They are not being helped by this.

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  1. Ron said,

    I agree. The idea of sport is competition. If this event was supposed to be a sham they should have told the better team what to do before hand. It’s really stupid if you ask me.

  2. Deborah said,

    Truly. The beaten team, according to the story, had been beaten aplenty, yet they’ve continued to field a team, giving it their best shot each time out.

    It diminishes them to whomp on ’em and then come back later, sheepishly, to apologize for whomping them. Especially when you knew chances were, you were going to be victorious.

  3. It’s the “everyone gets a medal” mentality that really irks me!

  4. eb said,

    There is a certain ‘honor code’ in all sports where the team that is winning by a landslide lightens up a bit. It’s an unwritten rule – a ‘let’s not rub it in’ unwritten rule.

    I think it’s a bit disgraceful the team pushed it to 100 especially if they only played their first string.

    When my son was playing jr. high basketball he was on a team with a fantastic first string. My son was not a good player but he loved to play. His team was blowing out their opponents 68 to 20. Did my son’s coach put in his second string? No. He decided he wanted to humiliate the other team. The final score was something like 95 to 26.

    It was unnecessary. Poor sportsmanship. And ridiculous. My son sat there on the bench so his coach could brag the next day about how his team blew out this other team by 70 points.

    Winning is one thing. Winning with honor is another. When your team is so far ahead that a win is inevitable early on, the honorable thing to do is allow the other team to get some play time.

    That being said, I don’t think the winning team should forfeit.

  5. renn said,

    I’m with the others. Most little kid teams either don’t keep score or are taught to somehow be embarrassed when they are good at something. ETW is right: everyone gets a medal so they don’t bruise their self esteem. It’s stupid – and the main reason that I don’t allow my kid to play “competitive” sports…because they AREN’T competitive. They’re whiny.

  6. Al said,

    I agree with ETW and Renn. Way too much “everybody gets a medal” thinking.If you never get your ass handed to you, you never learn that there are people out there that are really really better at stuff than you are. You never learn that there is a pecking order to reality.
    Right up until the moment you pull out in front of a Kenworth in your Yugo……..

  7. db grin said,

    Ditto. This sphere of bloggers seems united.

    I played football and wrestled for an average school, which meant we won maybe a little more than half the time. The losses, consequences, and work it took to improve were hard – and worth it.

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