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Tell Me a Story

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on January 27, 2009

OK, so this was way too fun over at Tiff’s house yesterday not to be repeated.

So here’s the dealy-o…

I am going to start a  story in the comments with on sentence.

You peoples who come by here and read… you add ONE sentence to the story in the comments. (you know, please?)

We shall see how quickly Ron can turn it into some kind of Squirrel snuff story.

Feel free to add as many sentences as you like, as long as someone else has added one after your one (does that make sense?)

Here goes…


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  1. noceleryplease said,

    Kate couldn’t get a good view of the thing through her lens, but it looked, well… squidgy.

  2. Ron said,

    She cleaned the binocular lenses and looked again and it was clear now that bigfoot was indeed approaching her at an alarming pace.

  3. Tammie said,

    “I smell like the Kentucky Fried Chicken I had for lunch!”, she thought.

  4. Deborah said,

    The alarming pace turned into breakneck speed, the switch sent Kate squealing.

  5. Al said,

    Her screeching reached such ear piercing levels that it brought the poor creatureto a halt, where he curled in a shivering ball, holding his hands over his rears and moaning.

  6. tiff said,

    “Oy, my head” the hairy behemoth said in perfect Yiddish, which Kate could understand because of her background in covert ops back in the ’90s.

  7. Ron said,

    At this point, with the immediate threat seemingly abated, Kate noticed that Bigfoot didn’t only posses oversized feet and she began blushing a bright red.

  8. “I was only approaching you to see if you had any leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m very hungry”, Bigfoot declared.

  9. Ron said,

    Sadly Katie did not realize the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” in bigfoot language means human spleen.

  10. eb said,

    That’s when Grouch Marx waltzed in and said, “Looky there, I bet you could hang your whole wardrobe on that thing.”

  11. db grin said,

    He tried to continue, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend; inside a dog, it’s too dark to read,” but was eaten in three messy bites before he could get to the punch line (zombie celebrities aren’t very filling).

  12. tiff said,

    “Well, that’s done then” thought Kate, wrestling a scrap of juicy thighbone from her cleavege where it had fallen during her frenzied grease-fueled lunch.

  13. Ron said,

    Then a crazed squirrel attacked Kate and she died.

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