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Tattoo You

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on February 24, 2009

For many years, I always said… “If I ever weigh less than 150 pounds, I’m going to get a tattoo”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Because the whole idea of that was just ridiculous, right?  150?  Hah!

So now, I find myself pondering, for the first time semi-seriously, the concept of getting a tattoo.

A permanent piece of artwork embedded in my skin.  Never to be removed (short of work with a laser).

What kind of thing might be a thing I would want to press into my flesh?

Not a flower or a bird or some other random symbol that is pretty but ultimately means nothing personal to me.

Not a character or a logo… these things, no matter how much we love them at the time, tend to pass. (witness how much I used to adore Bugs Bunny… but I don’t think I’d want him emblazoned on my shoulder.)

I have no cool “heritage” to exploit.  No tribal or native background.  The ancestors are almost universally French… no real “design-y” things there.  I mean, sure I have a single native American or Gaelic person in the family tree here and there, but nothing that I would say has influenced my upbringing to a “people”.

So there are a couple of things in my life that I love.  My husband, my dog…  but I don’t think I want someone’s face tattoed on me. 

Sure, I do the derby thing, but I think I’d want more than just a few months with a hobby before I determine to make a lifetime mark.

So I just don’t know.

I have a sister with a hummingbird tattooed on her foot.

A sister with a pair of cherries on her butt and what used to be a rose on her abdomen (two kids ruined that one).

A niece with a star on her back, a vine up her side, another star on her hand.  But do those things mean anything to them?  Besides decoration?

Maybe I am reading to much into the whole “tattoo” thing.  Maybe it CAN just be pretty.

I like to hike.  A woodland thing?  I like to bike.   I like to skate.  I like to read books.  And take pictures. Hmmm… I suppose if I were totally honest with myself about my favorite things, I’d get a tattoo of a great big piece of chocolate cake with ice cream.

Hmmm… now that might be an idea.

So… those of you with the tattoos out there… do they have “meaning”? or are they just pictures?  How’d you pick them?  How’d you know this was something you wanted irreversibly in your life?

Maybe I should just get “This is my tattoo” put somewhere.


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  1. Tammie said,

    Think of it this way….if you were unconscious and someone found you and saw your tattoo, what would you want them to see?
    In other words, think of making a statement that couldn’t be accompanied by an explanation.
    I think that would be the way I would choose something to tattoo on my body.

  2. Doc Nagel said,

    I was gonna say a fleur-de-lis, which is all frenchified, but Tammie’s comment suggests the much more practical tattoo: your advance medical directive.

  3. I have three tattoos. My first one is a lizard. I like reptiles and wanted a lizard. The second one is something that has to do with my name (but can’t state it here) and my third is a tribal design and the reason I chose that is because the third one is a cover up of a piece of the 2nd one that just wasn’t working for me. Tribal = easy coverage. Both of my kids are Aquarians and I think my next tattoo will have something to do with that. So, it can be personal or it can be decorative. It’s up to you – there are loads of neat designs out there. But, I wouldn’t pick Bugs Bunny – he’s been done to death. Same with Tweety and Taz. LOL.

  4. Tracy Lynn said,

    I think of mine as permanent jewelry and design accordingly. My suggestion would be to check out other people’s tattoos, and when you see one you like, ask them where they got it. Then make a consultation appointment at that place and talk to the tattooist. Together you can design something perfect for you.

    Get your first in a place you can both see it and hide it easily. I got my first on my arm up by my shoulder.

    And here are my tattoo Rules:

    1 Never tattoo anyone’s name or face onto your body, unless you have given birth to them, and maybe not even then.

    2 Get your first in a place you can both see it and hide it easily.

    3 If you want the same thing for six months, get it.

    I have totally fudged on 3, but not on the other two, and even then stuck to something that would work with my other tattoos and was similar in design and style.

  5. Deborah said,

    Once you’ve narrowed it down to location & size, the options about what might be narrowed as well. Think about what really speaks to you, perhaps something related to weight(s), -light- ??? as that was sort of a catalyst.

    Note, I do not have tattoos and have no desire to ever have any, sooooo … 😉

  6. renn said,

    I always wanted a tat of a bird ‘flipping the wing’…while covering one eye with his other wing.

    I don’t have any tattoos, which really seams to surprise people.

    I’d follow the 6 month rule, personally.

  7. Chickie said,

    I have 3. The first two meant something and the third (a nice tramp stamp across the bottom of my back) was a present to myself after losing weight many moons ago.

  8. tiff said,

    I have 2 – one of a celtic knotwork heart on my right ankle done in blackwork, and one of a tribal-y heart design on my upper back done in a lovely turquiose ink. The heart took me 2 years to decide on what to get, the second is a piece of flash from the shop wall. I think they’re pretty, mostly for decoration.

    My third one? Yet to be decided on, but it’s coming.

  9. eb said,

    I have two: A blue rose and a Sailor Jerry tat:

  10. Ron said,

    As it’s permenant you need to think carefully. I wouldn’t mind a tattoo, but I think like you and it’s hard to think of something that I won’t regret later in life. Maybe I should get an evil squirrel… Oh hell, I like that idea.

  11. Princess said,

    My first tattoo was last year, at 41 yrs old. It was an “L” and i got it with my female soulmat who also got an idential “L” on the same toe. it has to mean something for it to matter.
    and hi!

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