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The Idea is Growing on Me

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on March 6, 2009

So this idea of getting a tattoo of a tasty piece of cake is growing on me.

I mean… when I think about it…  What’s been the one constant of my ENTIRE LIFE?  (well, since I got teeth, anyway)…  LOVE OF CAKE!

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not love cake.  Cake is wonderful.  It’s soft, and sweet, and covered in sugary goodness.  Plus Ice Cream!!

And I cannot possibly imagine anything ever causing me to abandon my love of cake.  No matter that I try not to eat so much of it now… the love is not gone.  What could be more constant in life than that?

Of course, given the topic, I suppose the tattoo of cake would have to go on my hip or thigh… as that’s where the real cake mostly ends up too 😉

Of course, there’s still the question… Chocolate?  Or Carrot Cake?

Decisions, Decisions.

Hee Hee.

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  1. tiff said,

    From a distance, chocolate and carrot would look about the same, methinks.

    Heh – putting it on your hips is INSPIRED. Awesome.

  2. My fave is yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Are you doing a slice or a whole cake here? I think a slice would look neat!

  3. Dr. Err said,

    my buddy has little debbie logo on his forearm…she was his first love.

  4. Al said,

    Carrot cake is made from carrots. Carrots are good for you, therefore carrot cake is health food, right?
    Good tasting, healthy and on your thigh?

  5. Ron said,

    Chocolate is my great love so I would have to pick chocolate, but it’s your body and if carrot cake is it then so be it. Can you check and see if they have any ink with chocolate flavorings. Imagine a chocolate flavored tattoo!! OMG! The possibilities boggle the mind….

  6. eb said,

    Chocolate it should be. I do love both, but chocolate is iconic. And yes, on your hip is inspired.

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