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Blockbuster Responds

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on March 12, 2009

Blockbuster’s customer service sent back a response to the original customer service letter I sent (not quite the same as the one below, as the one below is what I sent to their “executive team” after I found out what they were doing).

Basically, they say they are making this change to help me.  I think it’s pretty clear that what they are trying to do is reduce the number of movies people get while leaving the price they pay the same.

It is clear that they do not care how many people they lose to Netflix.  Perhaps their end goal is to go out of business by driving all their customers away.

I need to find out how long I have left on this month and switch to Netflix.  I just wish there was some way to export my queue from one to the other.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to rebuild.


The letter:


Thank you for contacting Blockbuster Customer Care.

I appreciate you taking the time letting us know about your concern.

Our goal with the new exchange process is to help simplify your terms and conditions.  As long as you return your in-store exchange within a day or two you should be able to continue enjoying a similar if not the same number of movies each month as before.  The No Due Dates benefit also allows the piece of mind that comes with being able to return the title to the store on your schedule.  We hope that you will give this change a chance to continue to satisfy your entertainment needs, budget and schedule.

It was a pleasure assisting you today, please feel free to contact us again in the future.


Blockbuster Customer Care


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  1. In this economy, working hard at losing customers is insane, but it seems to be their goal…. I never liked them anyway. Netflix carries WAY more titles – the Evil Twin likes some pretty obscure films and has had great luck finding hard to find titles on Netflix. He might have to wait a bit, but he gets it eventually.

  2. Doc Nagel said,

    Actually, since we’ve converted our economy from information-based industries to a bailout-based economy, it makes perfect sense to rid your company of pesky customers, who are always clamoring for “good deals.” Feh!

    Our buddies have Netflix. One benefit of it is that you can watch streamed movies and TV shows that have been released on video over and beyond what’s in the mail queue.

  3. Princess said,


  4. Ron said,

    I just love form letters!!

  5. Tracy Lynn said,

    They so totally fill me with hate.

  6. ifswallowed said,

    Netflix is genius with their “Watch Instantly” magic. I cancelled my cable TV and only watch Netflix movies instantly or get my TV fix on Hulu. Cable is SO last year (Blockbuster is SO two years ago). 🙂

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