No Celery Please – NYC Edition!


Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on March 22, 2009

Well!  An entire week appears to have disappeared before my eyes!

So busy at work last week, I don’t think I managed to read a single blog, let alone post something myself.

Handily, with all that work going on, I didn’t have anything to post about anyway.

Oh – except that I broke up with Blockbuster and moved over to Netflix.  To heck with you, Blockbuster!  I am paying less now to get access to more movies and free dowloads of quite a few!

Uh – so that’s it.  I think next week might be just as bad.


4 Responses to 'Wooosh!'

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  1. Welcome to the Netflix lovers family! We love, love, love them!

  2. Ron said,

    Do you think it’s a good idea to rush into a relationship with Netflix so soon after the breakup with Blockbuster? I mean I just don’t want you making a rash decision and getting hurt…

  3. tiff said,

    Welcome to the dork, uh, DARK, side.

  4. renn said,

    Netflix is much better. You can also watch endless movies right on line, regardless of the plan that you belong to.

    Including “Dead Like Me: Life After Death”, which just came out. Sadly, Mandy P. is not in it, and they changed out the dizzy blond girl…

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