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Preaching to the Choir

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on April 15, 2009
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So I watched Bill Maher’s documentary “Religulous” last night.

Not only was he mostly shooting fish in a barrel.  He was also preaching to the choir (ironic, no?).

As a person of not-faith, I had no problem with the premise which was all religions are pretty much made up and people would be better off without them and should lean more on rationality than on faith.

But – his tone and the manner of the presentation is only going to work to convince people who don’t need convincing.   If he was thinking that any person of faith (any faith – he does take them pretty much all on) would watch his documentary and think “By golly, you’re right!  Thanks for mocking my beliefs and showing me how wrong they are!” then he’s barking up the wrong tree.

Also, I don’t think his dire predictions of the whole world ending in a firey conflagration brought about by religious wars is entirely probable.  I don’t think the existence of religion is as horrifying as all that.

So – yeah – there were a couple of laughs.  And if you are a person of not-faith, you might find a few tid-bits of information in there that are interesting.

If you believe in any of the religions he explored in this docu, though… I dunno – don’t bother?  If you’ve been a person of faith for any amount of time, I am sure you’ve heard his arguments before and remained unmoved, so putting yourself through watching the mockery is probably not worth it – even for the bits where he “explains” Scientology (which was pretty funny if you aren’t a Scientologist).

Of course, if you are on the fence about the whole “Faith” deal – go ahead and check it out… might provide you with some information you have heretofore been unaware of.


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  1. Ron said,

    I don’t think mockery has every really changed someone’s mind about anything. I believe any and all religions can co-exist as long as you approach your faith with an open and rational mind. I don’t think any document exists that was handed down directly from God. So if a book says “Eating pizza is a sin that deserves being stoned to death.” you might want to use your mind to figure out that perhaps whoever translated that book might have got it wrong instead of getting bricks and heading over to Domino’s 🙂

  2. I can’t stand Bill Maher just as a person, so I’m sure I’ll be missing this one.

  3. eb said,

    Yeah, I’m with ETW, Bill Maher is pretty hard to tolerate. I agree with his politics for the most part but he’s basically a self-righteous, a-hole. Plus, he’s a sexist pig.

    As long as religion stays out of politics, then I really don’t care. But that’s the rub, isn’t it? Those who are religious tend to want to tell everyone else how to live instead of setting an example of how we should live.

    I think it’s easy if you live in the US to not be too put out with religion because the separation of church and state is actually a part of the foundation of our government. But, in other parts of the world where men can marry off their 8 year old daughters and women can’t leave the house without a man because some religion states that women and girls are property, it would be harder to tolerate religion at all.

    People flew into the Twin Towers in the name of religion. That was pretty fiery.

  4. db grin said,

    I heard an interview with BM and one of the producers on NPR. I used to like BM a little bit, but he’s become more pompous, self-righteous, and jerky over the years. The interview explored how they ambushed their subjects, promoting the documentary as an honest exploration of faith while masking the agenda of mockery.

    One of the most laughable and frustrating bits was an excerpt they played in which a minister is giving his opinion. Bill’s entire rebuttal was, “Come on. You really expect me to believe that?” It’s another version of, ‘Nuh-uh! No, YOU are!’

    It pretty much cemented my opinion that BM has no interest in a fair, honest, and balanced discussion, but is making millions by mocking. Perhaps they should have promoted it as an uncomfortable comedy like Borat, instead of calling it a documentary.

  5. Thanks for coming at this with a view that’s away from the extremes. For me (a christian), I’ve heard BM’s arguments made in more balanced ways elsewhere, but I thought it was good to see the movie. Why? Check out my thoughts here:

  6. Al said,

    When you gete down to it, there is no empirical evidence on way or the other to support the belief in God or the big bang. You make your choice, but need to recognize that it is a choice that is not supported by facts. And you ertainly should not hold it against someone else because they made a different choice. But some people just can’t stand the idea that people make a different choise than theirs.
    I have chosen to believe in Christianity, but recognize that it is a choice of Faith, not fact.

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