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I am, therefore I am

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 7, 2009
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So a while back, I stumbled upon the website of a certain Kate Harding (  – and –  don’t judge what’s up there today as what’s usually there, because it’s usually WAY better than this post about her wedding.

Anywho… This site – Shapely Prose – is part of what is referred to by those in it as “The Fat-o-Sphere” … part of the movement for “Fat acceptance” or what I think of as – “leave me the hell alone and stop telling me I need to meet your ridiculous cultural standards of what it means to be female and beautiful”

It’s unabashedly feminist.

It’s unapologetically fat.

It’s calling out marketers, fashion designers, doctors, media pundits, and all the other people out there who tell us that we have to make ourselves crazy tring to be what they tell us to be, and showing them where they can stick it.

I love it. 

And it’s really gotten me to thinking about how I feel about myself, and why I think I need to obsess over the fact that my own body is kinda floppy here and saggy there, and maybe a little flat in other places where the media tells me things ought to stick further out.

Who am I trying to please when I poke at my belly and wish it was some other shape than what it is?  Me?  Would a flat tummy make me any happier to be me?  Or should I just say… hey.  This is what my stomach looks like.  Yes… I have floppy arms.  Stick it, Cosmo… I refuse your judgement… I refuse your message.

Now – I am not planning on chucking my current level of exercise and food consumption.  While I am truly embracing the notion that people ought to be as fat or thin or tattooed, whatever, as they wanna be… I do feel better at the size I am now, and I think that being able to walk up the stairs without gasping for breath is worth not having burgers and chicken strips on a regular basis… but I am re-examining WHY I am willing to continue to eat salads and turkey and rice cakes and vegetables (and, of course, the occasional giant piece of cake with ice cream).   I want to make sure that I am doing this for myself… and not for some mythical goal of acceptance by a world that, frankly, I really ought not care what it thinks, anyway.

Seeing these sites with these truly beautiful (and, yes, fat) women who like themselves just fine the way they are, thank you… I like it.

Go here and look at these women.  They do not meet the standard definition of beauty. But they clearly do not care. 

(not safe for work iffn someone can see your screen probably)  (yes, THAT Leonard Nimoy – he’s a photographer – who knew?)

But here’s one that’s SFW…



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  1. Ron said,

    Good for them! I’m all up for nudity… so to speak 🙂 They are very brave. As an overweight person the thought of doing something like that is terrifying. I mean it’s one thing to think to yourself about all the fat areas on your body, but quite another to bare it to the world and be photographed.

  2. Deborah said,

    Yay for being comfortable with who you are! Thanks for the link, I’d heard Leonard Nimoy was a photographer, I hadn’t seen any of his work.

  3. renn said,

    Thank you for those links! They are both amazing.

  4. trinamick said,

    I’m always happy to see someone confident despite their weight and not care what others think about it. My sister is so self-conscious about being overweight and I think it keeps her from doing so many things she would love. That said, I have a friend who is about 400 lbs. now, and her weight is killing her. I worry about her all the time, because the doctors have told her if she doesn’t lose some weight, she will be dead in the next 10 years. She’s 35.

  5. Macy said,

    The problem with Kate and company is that they are disrespectful and egotistical. I don’t care for their style and personalities, which I and many others consider in poor taste. Also, three of the four bloggers are at least moderately obese.

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