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Truth and Blogging

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 16, 2009
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Sometimes I will go to a blog or a site that I have been reading for a while, and I will read a story that, I don’t know, just doesn’t exactly ring true.

Like – no way in hell that really happened, or happened like that.

When I read a post like that, it really makes me call into question the entire history of the blog.

I mean, I know this is the internet, and we are all anonymous, and nothing really HAS to be true, and even though I talk about my life and post pictures of myself playing roller derby, for all you know, I am really a 93 year old gay man living in Korea.

But still, when I get invested in a “person” on a blog, but then I read something that makes me really question whether they are just making it all up, well, it just is kinda like finding out all that candy wasn’t really left by a mutant magic bunny, and all just came from the store.

The blog reading experience is never really quite the same once the likelihood that it’s fiction raises its head.

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  1. Ron said,

    OK….ok….ok….. the busload of cheerleaders breaking down in front of my house was a lie. Are you happy now!!! The ugly truth is out!!! Why can’t you let a man have his dreams!!!!!!! oh…. you weren’t talking about me??? nevermind…

  2. Deborah said,

    You didn’t fool me for a minute. I knew all along you were a 93 year-old Korean man! 😉

    Have you read the story of the IL blogger hoax?

  3. Deborah said,

    Bad Link, sorry. Try:
    blogger hoax

  4. renn said,

    I try to hope for the best in others.

    When that doesn’t help, I either read for entertainment only or walk away.

    It just seems easier that way.

  5. Al said,

    We all embellish our adventures to mae them sound more interresting, but I every once in a while get struck with the “I wonder if this is true” thought. I have decided that it doesn’t really matter. If it moves me, it is at least very effective writing, and I love a good story.
    Anything I write is true.
    Or at least based on a fact or event.

  6. tiff said,

    Send me the link (praying it’s not me) – I must know!

  7. Tracy Lynn said,

    I don’t lie. I have been known to embellish, but only for humorous effect. Because really, does anyone care if it’s slightly embellished if it is also hysterically funny? And I do mean slightly.

  8. PurpleGirl said,

    I haven’t encountered that yet, but I can see how it would be off-putting!

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