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You Cannot Fool Me By Calling it “Dessert”

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 21, 2009

Look.  I KNOW what dessert is.

You cannot send me a link to an article and say it’s about low-cal desserts, and then start off with “Greek Yogurt and Oranges”

That is not dessert.  That is fruit.  Possibly breakfast.  Maybe a healthy snack.


I do not see the words “cake”, “cookie”, “ice cream”, “sugary goodness”, or “pudding” in that title.

I’m not saying that greek yogurt with oranges might not be tasty if you are into that kind of thing.  But if I am hankering for a low-cal dessert, and you give me an orange… I am not going to be happy with you.

Fruit and dessert only go together if they involve pie crust and / or cream.

I don’t mind low-cal desserts.  Make them with fake sugar.  Make them with fake fat.  Make them small to reduce the calories.  But you cannot hand me a banana and tell me I am supposed to satisfy the dessert craving with that.



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  1. tiff said,


  2. Ron said,


  3. Deborah said,


    Not even chocolate covered bananas?

  4. renn said,


  5. You got that right!

  6. Tammie said,

    Low calorie desserts?
    Yummy ones?
    Do they exist?

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