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Not Up For It

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on July 31, 2009
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I haven’t been posting much here because I find myself very saddened by the recent level of public discourse about ANY topic.

Everyone is so strident, so over-the-top, so completely sure that their position is the right position and everyone else is stupid and going to cause life as we know it to come to a crashing stop.

Of course, I feel that way about my opinions too.  I feel very strongly about things like health care, racism, gay marriage, corporate bailouts.  Will posting that opinion on my blog or facebook change anyone’s mind?  Probably not… no more than other people posting their opinions can change my mind.

The news… sigh… the news.  Is it even possible to find a non-biased news source now?

So while I started a few blogs on some topics recently, I just found myself petering out… then not posting because, hey – hasn’t this all already been said?  Has it changed anything?  Or are we all just going to sit around screaming at each other for the next decade.

SO…  Maybe the best thing for me would be to stop thinking about it, and get back to just using this blog for what it was meant to be – a mindless detailing use useless minutia and trivia about my life!!!

I present for your amusement…

An Alphabetical list of food I love

A – Apples (especially in PIE form)

B  – Bacon  (because, hey – BACON!)

C – CAKE!!!!!!

D -Donuts

E – Eggs

F – French Fries

G -Goldfish Crackers

H -Hot Dogs (I prefer the veggie kind)

I -Instant Grits (I was not born in the south, so I am not ashamed of this) Must add butter.

J -Jello Rice Pudding – Creme Brulee Flavor

K -Kozy Shack (Pudding is a theme)

L -Lettuce (a good salad is sometimes the very best thing)

M -Mayonnaise

N -Nuggets  (I confess to a shameful liking for McDonalds chicken nuggets dipped in honey – so good!)

O -Oatmeal – almost every day, people!

P -Potatoes (mashed, lyonaissed, au gratin, you name it)

Q -Q’s (Suzy)  (ok, any Hostess, Little Debbie, Dolly Madison, etc. product)

R -Rice Cakes – White cheddar flavor!

S -String Cheese

T -Turkey, sliced  (R, S, and T are what I eat for lunch every day)

U -Undercooked Beef (Steaks should still b saying “moo” when I eat them)

V -Vanilla Ice Cream

W -Wood Roasted Mushrooms (OK, ANY mushrooms)

X – Xtra Cheese

Y -Yogurt (whipped!)

Z -ZCake  (OK, Cake doesn’t start with a Z, but I thought the list needed more cake.  This is french cake, like “I vill haf ze cake!”)

That turned out to be harder than I thought.   In some instances, I was forced to just go with “food I will eat, but not necessary love” – I’m looking at you, goldfish crackers (and, strangely, donuts)


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  1. Ron said,

    What about Gorgonzola cheese? Mmmmm…. stinky cheese.

  2. Deborah said,

    For french fries you get 2 points (in Scattergories ™ ) 🙂 Anyhoo… I agree with most, if not all especially potatoes!! Yum.

  3. Al said,

    Steak MMMMMMMM.

    According to my dad: Rare- you drag it through the fire, shoot it, then eat it. Medium Rare- you shoot it, then drag it through the fire, then eat it.

    Smothered in mushrooms sauteed in butter with just a little salt.

  4. renn said,

    “Z” could stand for Zebra Cakes from Little Debbie.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Well done!

  5. tiff said,

    Isn’t it nice that your lunches are all alphabetical and whatnot?

  6. Shiny Rod said,

    Stop, you had me at Bacon…

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