No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

My Brain is Tired

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 6, 2009

Going through a kind of sucky, boring time at work right now.

Feeling very much like retirement can’t come soon enough.

Hey!  Only 20 years to go!


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  1. tiff said,

    Someone needs cake.

  2. noceleryplease said,

    Cake may be the thing to do

  3. Ron said,

    Once you have the tattoo you will have cake all the time… I wonder if they make flavored tattoo inks??? I mean how cool would it be to have a tattoo that when licked tasted like whatever was tattooed??? Awesome idea, right?

  4. That’s an awesome idea, Ron… but a couple of issues.

    1 – I am not physically capable of licking my own hip. (and it’s MY cake, after all)

    2 – the only two beings on the planet whom I WOULD allow to lick my hip are my dog, who would never stop (EVER!), and the SB, who doesn’t really care for cake all that much.

    3 – what about tattos of zombies? I would not want to taste that at all – blech!

  5. Ron said,

    OK maybe there are a few flaws with my plan…. perhaps if you could choose the flavor of the tattoo at the beginning instead of having the flavor determined by the type of tattoo.

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