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Fat Acceptance

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 13, 2009
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I find it interesting that now, when I currently weigh less than I have since I was, I’m guessing, 9 or 10, that I managed to literally stumble into the world of “Fat Acceptance”.

I have gotten something of a revelatory education about some bedrock assumpions I’d had about weight and health and how the media drives so many incorrect theories into the public mind as though it were “truth”.

I don’t know why I would find this revelatory…  I know how sensationalized everything in the media today is, and how they look for “the angle” in every story from serious things like global arms treaties all the way down to surfing squirrels…  but it just never occured to me to question all the “obesity epidemic” stories, or see how they are used as another wedge to drive schisms into public thinking.

FA also has quite a feminist angle to it… although it’s not all about women…  but women do seem to be someone more targeted by the beauty industry, and it’s really made me realize how we, as a country, seem to take it for granted that women’s bodies are somehow a subject to be judged and found wanting, all in the name of selling us something to make us feel better about the thing they are making us feel bad about (gah – the circles within circles!).  I never really “identified” myself as a “feminist”, but I am starting to rethink that position a bit.

It’s all given me quite a bit to think about, and I’ll probably start posting more things here about body image and acceptance, etc.  It’s MUCH easier to embrace FA as “that’s fine for you, but not for me”.   Accepting myself for what I am is something that needs to be reinforced each and every day… because each and every day I (and the rest of the country) get messages from various sources that say I am NOT good just the way I am.  And as much as I try to discard those messages…. well… I’m only human.

Self Acceptance is such a cliche’d kind of thing, that blogging about it seems a little, um, I dunno – overdone?  But hey… it’s my blog, and I guess I can use it for anything I like.

So here are some things I am going to be working on…

– Loving the body that I am living in today and treating it properly (with a little Derby abuse here and there 🙂

– Looking at the body I used to have and realizing that it, too, was a perfectly acceptable body and I should dump the shame and self-hate that I carried around about it and embrace that person that I was then as well.

– Realizing that as I get older, my body is going to continue to change and may do so in ways that society looks down on…  and being OK with that, because “society” tends to be a big, judgemental bitch, and is something I ought to not care about.

There’s other stuff I need to think about and ponder, but that’s enough for now, I think.


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  1. Chris said,

    It sounds like you are on the way to a very healthy and happy place!
    Everything you’ve said rings so true for me as well, I think I may have to follow you along the way. I’m struggling with loving the body I’m in right now, so I will be reading your ponderings and I hope we both make it!

  2. mandysmith said,

    i look forward to reading this….
    i think about this a lot as an athlete and curvy girl (who frankly wants to be curvy because HI! I am a girl!!!
    at the same time, i do remind myself that i’m not 20 anymore (or even 30)… I don’t need to look like some girls gone wild hooker….

  3. Ron said,

    I’m probably willing to accept half of who I am… the rest I shall maintain a degree of self loathing and hatred.

  4. Keep working on it, Ron… one percent at a time !

  5. Shiny Rod said,

    I have come to accept who I am and who I have become. Believe me, I use to be a mess. I am back to losing weight again and hope to be back at my post UDT-SEAL days. That’s gonna be scary for me because the last time I was at that weight (235lbs), I was quite the womanizer. I haven’t lost my flirt but I keep it in check.

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