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Continuing on the Subject of My Obsession

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 19, 2009

So I suppose it is a VERY GOOD THING that tattoos are not cheap, because, hello?  I am totally obsessed now.

I am so in love with my tattoo that I want more!  more!  more!  (and, I think I will eventually get more, but certainly not all the things I am thinking about).

Handily for my obsessive nature, I have two things to obsess with now… and, frankly, although I am so loving my tattoo that I want another, I really need to get a new pair of skates.  I want the Riedell Wickeds… and I want them in orange – that’s gonna run me around $400, so, yeah, no more tattoos now, at any rate 🙂

But… since I am thinking about it… here are some ideas I am toying with.

1 – The SB’s favorite guitar “Lil Snappy Hoo-Ha” with his red hat sitting on the head of it.  (I really do want to get something representative of our relationship… but not into “name” tattoos).  I had been thinking about just the hat, but, I dunno – been toying with “SB” related themes for a while.. this one just seems to stick with me the most.

2 – A skate – or, skate wheel , or, something skate related.  Honestly, though… I think I want to make it to my two-year derbyversary before I go with something like this.  I think I would be proud to carry a reminder of this time in my life forever engraved on my skin… but I’d like to be able to say I did it for more than one year before I go down that road.

3 – Something Gabber related.  Perhaps just a cartoon of a small black dog…  But I love that Boo and think she deserves a place on me.

4 – A Chinese dragon wrapped around my ankle.  Now – I am kinda torn by this one, because although my family does have something of a varied background, there is no drop of anything even remotely Asian in my ancestry… so I feel a little like an Asian-culture inspired tattoo is a bit disingenuous… like I am co-opting something that doesn’t really belong to me.  BUT – on the other hand, I have co-opted much, much Asian-inspired culture and design for my home, so, why not?  Also – the Dragon tattoo would be both an expression of how much I adore the cultural aesthetic, and also a nod to my very very favorite Chinese restaurant – the Dragon Buffet… in fact, I would probably try to incorporate the Chinese characters for either “Mushrooms in Garlic Sauce” or “Dim Sum Dumpling” into such a design.

5 – A cup of hot tea to go next to my cake.  Tea is another one of my “Favorite things” and I think it would be cute next to the cake.

I had also given some brief thought to having a piece of chocolate cake put on the other thigh… but I think that might be taking the gag just a little too far…

So many ideas a-swirling!


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  1. Ron said,

    I personally like the Asian themes.

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