No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Just In Case the Last Post was Too Much for a Friday

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 21, 2009

I am looking for new blogs.

Funny Blogs.

Blogs written by people who are not total assholes or douch bags (I mean, a little is fine, everyone gets to be an asshole sometimes, but not flat-out all the time assholery)

Interesting Blogs

Ranty Blogs

Not!  Hard Core Political Blogs (of ANY leanings).

And, since I am lazy and like other people to do my work for me…

Lay out some options in the comments, folks…  I need your help.

I have decided it’s time to get back into blog-land, and I need someone to give me a really good map.


8 Responses to 'Just In Case the Last Post was Too Much for a Friday'

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  1. tiff said,

    Gosh I’ve missed a lot of posts!! Fun to be catching up.

    You read Crazy Aunt Pearl? I’m not Benny? 15 minute lunch? The WVSR? We travel in such similar circles (blogly) that I’d be surprised if you didn’t.

  2. laura said,

    For some reason, at the moment, she has her blog open to invited readers only , but there must be a mistake because that’s never been. But, as soon as it is open, read:

    The fuse is Lit…

    Another one is:
    One Word, One Rung, One Day

    If those don’t make you laugh or think, you might be a robot. 🙂
    Nice tattoo by the way.

  3. I like She’s a newly transplanted Texan living in England now with her husband. She loves dogs and has an absolutely hilarious sense of humor.

  4. Ron said,

    I will second Laura’s recommendation of The fuse is lit…

  5. renn said,

    I second Tiff’s “I’m Not Benny” recommendation.

    INB should write for Mental Floss. Or something.

    The latest post made me cry until I nearly wet myself. I
    It is AWESOME.

    I promise that you WON’T be disappointed.

  6. Biff Spiffy said,

    I like your new look!

    Missing the whole blog-reading routine lately, so I got nothin’ – it’s rare to keep up with the blog-friends I have already. I 3rd INB – funny stuff there.

  7. Rachel said,

    My favorite blog is Condi’s Hair

    My blog isnt too shabby, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide if its funny and ranty enough 😉 LOL.

  8. graysonjack said,

    Guess I’ll jump on the self-promotion bandwagon and tell you to come on over and take a look at my small contribution to the blogging world. It does require the reader to not be too sensitive as it is in essence a satire on our lovely American culture. Hope you enjoy!

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