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Something We All Have In Common

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 21, 2009
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I don’t know if it’s some kind of mental problem, or just because I am a morbid-ass-bitch, but I think about death a lot.

If I haven’t heard from someone in a while?  I assume they are dead.  If the phone rings after 8 pm?  Yeah – gotta be a call about someone dying horribly.  SB takes more than 2.5 hours to do his weekly lunch at his favorite bar?  Oh… yeah… he’s TOTALLY lying in a mangled heap of Miata on the side of the road.

The slightest thing out of the ordinary…  I jump straight to “Oh My God – They’re DEAD!”

Oddly enough, though, given my creepifying constant death-conclusion-jumping…  Death is one of those things that I am not particularly afraid of.

Oh, sure… yes, I fear dying horribly, or painfully, or in a slow, debilitating way…  but the actual “death” part itself, well, sounds fairly peaceful and so much akin to my very favorite activity – sleep – that, well, I’m just OK with it.  Also, I think maybe it’s something to do with the fact of my not-giant ego, that the idea of me no longer existing doesn’t seem like the worst thing on the planet.

Of course, if the big-three monotheists are correct, then I am going straight to hell to burn for eternity for not believing in them.  But, since I am mostly athiest, kinda agnostic, and, at BEST, a Deist – well, I just can’t get too fussed about it.

OK – so that kind of went off on a tangent, when what I meant to talk about in this post was the fact that, hey – everyone here on the planet earth – we all go out the same way.  Everybody dies.

(You think THAT would make a good children’s book?  Like “Everybody Poops”?)

It’s the common denominator.  Some things might push it off for a while, but nothing is going to stop it.

On that cheery note…

This was supposed to be a post about people all the time interfering in other people’s lives “for their own good” or “for their health”  – but I went and got all tangent-y and just rambled on about death instead. I’ll get to my original thought in a later post then.

Happy Friday!


4 Responses to 'Something We All Have In Common'

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  1. Deborah said,

    Many conversations in recent weeks with mom & others on this very topic. Not death so much as the after. Funerals, burials vs. cremations, names being left off the obit/programs…and then some.

    Yep, we’re all gonna.

  2. eb said,

    WNYC Radiolab had a podcast about death recently.

  3. Ron said,

    Doesn’t everyone think of death and the sweet release from a life that is not what I dreamed it to be?

  4. Chickie said,

    I do this too. If Sweety doesn’t answer his phone at work after a bit I start thinking that he’s been smashed by a giant box. And then I plan his funeral in my head.

    I told him about this and he’s better about letting me know that he’s alive when running late.

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