No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

There is Nothing Crab About Them!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 26, 2009

The SB likes to eat these things – has two bags in the kitchen RIGHT NOW and is having them with his lunch today.

Lying Bastards!

Lying Bastards!

They are chips from the fine people at Utz, who have brought us all many fine and tasty chip-related products.

However, in this one, the so-called “crab” chip, they really, in my opinion, screwed the pooch.

Why is that?  you may ask?

I will tell you.  These alleged “crab” flavored chips do not, in fact, have even a tiny hint of crab flavor to them.

I was very excited by the concept of the crab chip.  I love crab!  Actually, let’s face it.  I am cheap.  I really love “Krab” but, hey, it’s the flavor we are talking about here.  CRAB CHIPS!!!

I expected something reminiscent of the yummerific prawn cocktail flavoured (the “u” is important here, they don’t make these in the US) crisps of my childhood that – HEY – actually taste (somewhat) like prawn cocktail!

NOT (quite) Lying Bastards!

NOT (quite) Lying Bastards!

The issue here is, if you look closely at the bag of the “crab” chips… the flavor is actually that of Old Bay Crab Seasoning.

And, if you’ve never had it…  you might wonder… what’s the PRIMARY TASTE in old bay seasoning?



You may click here for the ingredient list, or just trust me on this one…


So what are these so-called “Crab” chips that were so exciting to me the first time I heard about them?

Yes… that’s right… they are nothing but CELERY CHIPS!!!

I ate one of these things expecting a yummy crab flavored chip and got a big ol’ CELERY CHIP instead.

Cruel, cruel, cruel Utz.  CRUEL!

2 Responses to 'There is Nothing Crab About Them!'

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  1. Ron said,

    Ack! Celery!! I know I would go into shock at having encountered a vegi without warning, but you and celery? OMG!!

  2. Rachel said,

    Frickin douchlords! How dare they!

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