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Dragon * Con Soon!

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on August 27, 2009

Here are some people who will be attending Dragon*Con this year!!!

William Shatner

Leonard Nimoy

Patrick Stewart

Felicia Day

Richard Hatch

Ron Glass

James Marsters


One of my favorite SF authors… S M Stirling

I am in geek heaven!!!


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  1. Sylvia said,

    are you going to Dragon*Con this year? The Mr. Sylvia and I were planning on it, then didn’t plan, and now no more hotels anywhere.

    We are definitely going next year. Maybe we could get together a fatty geek group trip!

  2. Oh! It would be totally sweet to make them have a “Fat Track”

    Yeah – hotels at D*C… I room with a friend and a friend of hers. The friend of hers makes his reservations for next year each year while he’s at the con… I just luck into the sharing! – you gotta book WAY in advance.

  3. Sylvia said,

    yeah, I’m thinking we should book now. Have they posted the date of next year’s yet?

  4. They haven’t posted yet, but I am under the impression it’s always labor day weekend. Friday to Monday

  5. Sylvia said,

    I am so jealous that you are going. please make out with Mr. Nimoy for me please!

  6. Ron said,

    Can I go? Huh.. can I? Ummm… I don’t have tickets, but I’m sure you could hook me up, right?

  7. Biff Spiffy said,

    I live vicariously through your D*C trips. Lots of photos, especially if you can get into compromising positions with the celebrities…

  8. TIff said,



  9. mtblaura said,

    OMG, I would LOVE to meet Shatner. You are one lucky girl.
    Maybe we will get there next year. *Sigh*. Have fun

  10. Utenzi said,

    But I didn’t see your name on the list.

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