No Celery Please – NYC Edition!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back

Posted in Uncategorized by noceleryplease on September 8, 2009

Whew.  Dragon*Con was awesome and exhausting.

Just like last year… I am now thinking “wow, I am not doing that again!”  But I know that once the Con Exhaustion passes, I’ll be signing up to go again.  It’s a weird and wonderful thing, the Dragon*con.

I am far too lazy to add a ton of pictures using the WordPress Interface…  But you can see the D*C awesomeness on Flikr here.

OK, just one here ’cause I’m so cute 😉




7 Responses to 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m Back'

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  1. Buzzardbilly said,

    Lovely picture and welcome back!

  2. Awww, that IS cute!

  3. Ron said,

    Are you going as a Teddy Bear?

  4. tiff said,

    OK -who are you?

  5. Well, the name of the costume was “Cowardly Lioness”, but it kinda loses something without other Oz costumes to go along with it… so, I guess it’s just “Random Brown Cat”

  6. Chickie said,

    No coward I’ve ever seen flaunts fishnets! Cute!

  7. Sun said,

    I miss the con circuit! DragonCon back in the day was too much fun. The boys want to start running the gaming cons, we might start that next year.

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